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  1. Yeah checked that already, max opening for table top vice claps I’ve found is 1-1/2 to 1-3/4” my upper vise block is 2-1/2” thick.
  2. HaHa funny. firstly not a millennial. While I do have tons of tools I don't posses a vise as I live in a co-op apartment at this time and have nowhere to place one. Since I had to get the muzzle device pinned and welded due to NJ being a semi anti gun state I just had Mike at Tier 1 kill two birds with one stone. Thanks shooter28 for the heads up on Tier 1 defense.
  3. Looking on getting any idea's on how to Torque down and time barrel nut for my AR15 without a vise, it probably not going to be possible but hoping. I can easily go out a get a cheap vise fro harbor freight but I don't have the space or table to install one. If anyone knows of a shop/place in NJ I could go and rent a vise for 5mins that would be awesome.
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