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  1. Hey guys, new on these forums. I've been in the market for a Sig MCX for a while, but it would require the folding/collapsing stock to be pinned, plus muzzle obviously. Can a NJ FFL get a non-compliant rifle shipped to them, then do the work themselves before transferring to me? If so, any recommendations in the Mt Laurel area? I don't mind driving if the work is good and reasonably priced. The only reason I even ask is because I got an M10 DIY kit from Atlantic back when they were dirt cheap, and had some issues with my FFL. For those who don't know, it's basically a WASR AK without furniture. My FFL had issues accepting it and pinning the muzzle since "it's not legal in NJ". I argued that since it didn't have a pistol grip (no furniture), it currently is legal and just needs the muzzle sorted before I add furniture. They argued that since it COULD have a pistol grip attached, it's illegal. I argued that by that logic all guns are illegal, since they could have stuff added or changed to make them illegal. They eventually did it, but it was a weird situation. I'd like to deal with someone else this time around.
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