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  1. what kills me is that I'm not completely miserable here. I've got some of the best friends a guy could ask for, I rent a small house from my crazy biker uncle who is the most decent dude alive, my neighborhood is pretty well squared away, and evenn though a hit awhile back landed me in a job that does't pay too well, I'm treated with more respect than any other job, ever. Sucks to leave but with most of the laws here being just as convoluted and pointless as the gun laws, clearly I'm not built for this place.
  2. Well, I was really hoping for AZ. Mrs Duck and I met the best people and the overall attitude about not only 2A things, but all things, was just... realistic and responsible, if that makes sense. Realistically, too many things keep us from going so far just yet, so we're pretty sure NC is it. The upside is that the area of AZ we liked best had plots of land for sale cheap enough to have a small, spartan getaway without going completely broke.
  3. Oh, I gotcha. I'm used to car forum guys using a low post count as a measure of like, value or credibility or something, as if you can't have a whole life before you join a forum lol. Didn't realize post 1 was actually post 0. Crap. I'm going to spend the next hour wondering if I'm even here.
  4. Thanks! It sure is interesting, I'm gonna have fun here. Pretty sure asking if it was serious implies an answer, but to clarify- Any food made of meat is best cooked over fire or steel grill. In times of desperation or laziness, foreman grill is passable. if nuclear option is called for, blowtorch.
  5. I'm sorry, but if I said I voted for that poor excuse for an Irishman (didn't), I would not want to be accepted under any circumstances. I mean, I'm a fair handed guy, and maybe still use my left turn signal occasionally, but there are limits.
  6. 1. Pork roll, unless I'm out of town and ordering it. 2 Do people actually boil ribs? Is that a thing? I mean even if you're desperate, 2 sticks can make a fire to cook properly- so I'm not sure if that's a trick question.
  7. Yes, 0 posts. I just got here man, hence the intro thread.
  8. Mellow greetings all- Long time lurker and reader out here in Ocean Co. Decided it was finally time to get into the mix and converse a bit, even though I've hopefully got less than a year left here. I spent most of last month touring the free states, so yeah it's time to go. Until then though, might as well get a little more involved. Can't be sure I can contribute much, but only one way to find out lol -Duck
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