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  1. Hey I have an other chambered in 12 GA. Let me know if your interested
  2. Sold for 1200 For sale I have a black Kalashnikov Komrad 12. It is a short barreled firearm based off the AK platform and chambered in 12GA. Yes this is semi auto with a pistol grip and fully functioning pistol brace. I purchased this from a NJ gun store and is legal in NJ as an "other firearm." I have about 50 rounds through it, runs great and a blast to shoot. Comes with 2 5 round mags. Has an adjustable gas system for higher or lower powered rounds. Also have the red Kalashnikov case it shipped with. Can text or email for pictures but will try to throw some up on here sometime today. I am located in central NJ and can go to FFL's in that area (Savage Cerakote, Howell Gun Works or Pineland Outdoors preferred). Obviously need a DL and FID but the transaction will be done at the FFL as required now by NJ. ASKING sold net to me. I am flexible with payment methods. First "I'll take it" in the thread gets it. Please message me as well and we can iron out the details.
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