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  1. What type of targets can I use at Colliers Mills WMA, metal? paper? spinners, cans? Any special sizing?
  2. Passed my online exam, but no field sessions available yet. And can I bring a 12-gauge shotgun only, or do I have to use a muzzleloader too? When do they resume?
  3. I have that same S&W 686 6 shot in a 2.5 barrel, and I keep it at arm's reach at night from my bed loaded with 38 +P HP ammo. 357 ammo has too much recoil in a 2.5 barrel for home defense.
  4. Thanks for the info. Mailed mine a month ago certified mail, and pending in there system. When I was at my gun club a few weeks ago a guy came in showing me his finger print card was rejected, could not read they said. Had to send new prints. That sucks, another 3 month wait.
  5. Have a iwb plastic sleeve that is small for my lite wight Glock 48.
  6. Wow! Just mailed mine out yesterday certified mail. Guess it will take some time. Let me know please when you receive your ID card in the mail.
  7. Can anyone who has a FLORIDA Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit explain the details on how it is done to obtain?
  8. Is it considered a hand gun where I need a permit or is it considered a rifle or shotgun?
  9. Thanks, like to buy one. Do you know if any shops have them in stock?
  10. Is the MOSSBERG 590 Shockwave legal in NJ? https://www.mossberg.com/category/series/590-shockwave/
  11. Looking for 9MM with a slender grip. Some say the Clock 19 Gen 4 Are there any you recommend to look at? This is for my wife who has a small hand.
  12. Thank you all for the help, and suggestions. Just came back from range with shooting 200 rounds with no issues. I changed the spring out, and lubed again with using the same ammo plus another brand, and the same 5 magazines I have. I think the back sight guide needs to be adjusted some tho. Peace out, Happy New Year!
  13. Thanks a million, I will try these tips, and try the lighter spring. Happy New Year Thank you, Happy New Year
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