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  1. But if you have a copy on the phone and the regulations says this is OK, then you proved that you have it. Anyone knows how someone with a paper copy gets an electronic one?
  2. Funny how your boat can be in your garage and on a trailer and still boating accidents happen. And very often mind you...
  3. Yessir. It is a beautiful country, the people are really the nicest in Latin America.
  4. I hear ya. I just spent a couple of weeks in Costa Rica, couldn't take the winter here anymore...
  5. I did the process online. I went to gun's for hire for the required training, which is mandatory, and they filled all the paperwork for me. I sent it by mail and 90 days later got my permit. Easy Peasy! Beats going somewhere in person to get it done in my book.
  6. Will do. Already ordered a Vedder holster
  7. I just checked and now my online status change to approved Took them almost exactly the 90 days they say is allowed by FL law. Funny how the workload matches the bureaucracy...
  8. Is it worth all the hassle when you can get a legal one online quite cheap. Theoretically the spring on that mag was designed for a specific travel length that you now changed significantly.
  9. I wonder if this can be tweaked to comply as other? and get a shorter barrel..... It's and IWI Tavor for those unfamiliar, it is a pup built on AR and AK combined platform
  10. Thanks. Did you apply recently? And apologies to all members of the fair sex that applied and felt slighted by my use of guys!
  11. Does anyone here have the FL CCW? I applied around October and am still getting the massage "we have 90 days to process blah blah" how long did it took you guys to get it approved?
  12. The AR platform is one example when the price is not always tied to quality. Most of the players buy the receivers, BCG, Barrel and almost all the other parts from a few companies, and even many parts that are branded as a specific brand name come from same large manufacturers that offer branded parts to their clients. If you look at the parts installed in the AR that you like and figure out who made them that will give you a good idea about quality...
  13. Let's assume for a minute that the "40% independents" is the real number and that they somehow divide on the gun issue. According to the poll you quoted there are 31% democrats and 29% republicans. So if the independents divide equally or if we ignore them you have to concede that there are at least the same number of people in the US that share the same views as me as they are people that share your views. So let me paste my original remark to you.... Sniper - are you questioning the fact that 50% of the US population disagrees with you view that "the right to own guns trumps any other topic" really? you are asking for studies and facts on this little tidbit? Now you can argue till we both are blue in the face, but your opinion about gun rights is just that an opinion, one that I'm willing to listen to, but you condescending self righteousness needs to be curbed. There are no facts on your side that training is not a good idea. As someone who spent over six years of his life in military service I am a firm believer in being trained on the use of weapon and the respect of said weapon. If you are comfortable with your weapon your chances of shooting your foot or emptying a clip into the air or worse in time of need are exponentially smaller. And once more, I welcome an opposing view from people that are actually trained in using guns, whether through military, law enforcement, or seasoned NRA instructors that will voice there opinion why training is not a good idea, and not regurgitate the old "I have a right" that has nothing to do with training...
  14. Sniper - are you questioning the fact that 50% of the US population disagrees with you view that "the right to own guns trumps any other topic" really? you are asking for studies and facts on this little tidbit? You can't say in one sentence that all democrats are gun haters that are looking to limit your rights and then on the other sentence claim there is no proof that 50% of Americans disagree with you on gun rights. Unless you believe that there is no real democratic party base and all the ballots of the last 5 elections where democrats were 50% of the votes are all fake? Which makes me wonder, were you ever wrong about anything in your life. If you cannot even accept this little fact that many oppose your point of view, and cannot admit to yourself that you are wrong about anything, my guess is that you are wrong a lot : )
  15. You are a true defender of free speech here, aren't you RUTGERS95, wishing me to "slip on ice and not get up" just because I do not see the world in the exact shade of stupid you believe in. I on the other hand wish you good health, as someone who is comfortable in their views I have no problem debating the opposition. And while you think I'm ignorant and myopic 50% of this country, and over 70% of the western world population share my views and not yours. So you have to stop and think, is there half a percent chance you didn't get it right on any topic? And as a reminder what we are really on about, this is not a philosophical debate about every single thing in life, this is just about guns. I'm 100% pro gun ownership with the caveat of mental health and background check and mandatory safety training for the first weapon of a kind you buy. E.g. first hand gun - get training. First rifle - get training. One single item I disagree with most here, and I'm the enemy. If it makes you that angry making you think your neighbor is your enemy, this indicates more about you then about the topic - FEAR, you just live in fear.
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