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  1. Just now, everythingisnothing said:

    I'm honestly not sure.  If you want to do that it's probably a better idea to use an A5 receiver extension which is a bit longer than a standard carbine extension.  I believe that would allow you to use a 10.5" barrel without a pin and weld, but I'm not positive.  With a normal tube you should be able to use a 10.5" if you pin it.  Someone posted a chart a while back that summarizes it well.

    Yeah I saw the chart, forget if it said anything about pinning the brace

  2. Just now, everythingisnothing said:

    Also, don't use a folding brace adapter, otherwise you'll have to fold it when you measure.  Basically, measure it from the smallest configuration.

    Gotcha, now what if I pin the brace, just like if I were pinning a collapsing stock on a ar15 rifle? Does the end of brace become the new measurement point since its permanently fixed? Would be able to shorted the barrel a few inches I imagine if you can do that and still be over the 26 inches

  3. Just now, everythingisnothing said:

    There has been a constant stream of misinformation and misunderstandings since the Shockwave etc first started getting sold in NJ.  If you choose to build, make sure you understand the NFA and what makes something not a rifle or pistol.  Just like you should understand the NJ AWB if you build a normal rifle.

    I believe I have a good handle on what makes it legal, 26+ oal, pistol brace, vfg, muzzle device can be pinned to increase length if needed. One question, do we measure the end of the brace fully collapsed, or from the end of buffer tube?

  4. 5 minutes ago, everythingisnothing said:

    There is no law saying that you are not allowed to.  NJSP is concerned about people accidentally breaking the law and told FFLs to only sell them as a complete firearm.  Many here have built their own.

    Okay, makes sense. In my short time researching this there has been so much contradicting info, just trying to get it all straight. Thanks

  5. 4 hours ago, JackDaWack said:

    People are fucking useless if they cant say what store is doing this. 


    NJSP said you cant make ANY "other firearm" from a stripped reciever... I can paint "other firearm" on any lower and get the same result. Doesnt change what really matters, and that's how its transferred. In fact this FFL is openly promoting exactly what the NJSP said not to do. 

    So just for clarification, if I buy a stripped lower, even if on paper its listed as other/receiver, I CAN NOT build it into a other/non NFA firearm? I must buy one pre made? 

  6. Hi, sorry to dig up an old post, but does the lower NEED to be stamped ''Other'' or ''Other Firearm'' for you to have a build? i realize on the 4473 it is classified as ''other'' or ''lower receiver'' making it an other on paper, but is it okay to take a regular anderson lower and build into an other, following the strict other laws, but not have ''other'' marked on the receiver?

  7. 2 minutes ago, JackDaWack said:

    I have been interested in these in the past, especially  the price.. 


    The biggest draw back to any semi auto is the load.. it's hard to compensate for the discrepancy between a light target load and a heavy buck shot...

    Could the issue be attributed to under powered shells? Or mechanical?

    I had a problem with shells less than 1300 fps, they recommend using 1300 or higher, after I ran higher fps I havent had an issue

  8. Hello all, writing to see the legality of a vertical foregrip on a semi auto shotgun. The shotgun in question is the VR80, which is semi auto, with a thumbhole stock. It is NJ legal 100% but I'm concerned with the legality of adding a vertical foregrip to the underside of the barrel. NOT making the thumbhole a pistol grip, I'm aware that is illegal. Thank you.

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