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  1. Two sets of chrome plated steel shelving from Global Industrial. Link to full details here: https://www.globalindustrial.com/p/storage/wire-shelving/wall-mount-shelving/wall-mount-wire-shelving-24w-x-18d-x-54h-3-shelf-starter-chrome Included: Two sets of wall mounts, four 18x24 inch shelves and brackets. New in box, $75. You can get more shelves or different sizes from Global. Location Marlton, NJ. Thanks! See attached picture.
  2. Saturday 9/26 and Sunday 9/27 8 AM to 12 PM, rain or shine. Part of Marlton Lakes community yard sale. We're selling the following: - MANY Dooney and Bourke purses and wallets, most never used, all purses have storage bag - Chrome Wall Mount Wire Shelving, new in box - Kitchen appliances-- Large Oster convection toaster oven, Insta-Pot, egg cooker all new in box - Document shredder, Dyson fan - Longaberger and Calphalon kitchenware, like new - Decorative household items, and more Location 311 Fern Drive in Marlton Lakes (off Hopewell Road)
  3. The notion that pork roll was ever called "Taylor Ham" is an urban legend. Next thing is they'll try to tell us that Spam is "Hormel Ham". I'm not sure that anyone really knows what Spam is, but I have a hard time believing it is, or ever was, ham. After all, have you ever seen a rectangular pig?
  4. I was able to get some clay targets last fall at Shooters in Egg Harbor township. Well I assume they're clay but I haven't eaten any to make sure. All I can say is that they are bright orange and kind of powdery on the outside. Maybe you're supposed to mix them with water or something?
  5. Mrs. Peel: Your comment makes sense to me. The same outcome can have different causes. Especially after not using it for a while, I have trouble shooting my Beretta 92 as well as I know I can. I don't have this problem with my 1911 any where near so much. It is just because a lighter gun makes the effect of whatever flinch you have that much worse, I think. I'm going to try that exercise with the empty cartridge or penny, as soon as I can find a flat part on the top of the Beretta to put it...
  6. I just received a ballot for the NRA Directors election. I've read articles suggesting that Wayne LaPierre may have outstayed his welcome, accusing him of the sort of stunts you hear of from Philadelphia city councilmen (bloated expense budgets, sweetheart deals with contractors, etc). Can anyone point out any links to articles or additional background on this? Are there any "reform" candidates up? I'm not ready to give up on the NRA just yet, but like any organization, it may have gotten a bit fat and top-heavy over the years and lost its way to some extent. Maybe a housecleaning is in order. Very interested in others perspectives on this.
  7. I suspect there are many like myself in South Jersey who would welcome a chance to get out from under Trenton's thumb. As I recall there was some talk about this part of the State seceding, some years back. I don't see the river as a problem. Lots of states have rivers in them.
  8. Here's mine, sporting the spiffy wood grips that were a Christmas present from my wife a couple of years ago. I replaced the main spring with a lighter one and added a dot of fluorescent yellow paint to the front sight. It's one of my favorite pistols.
  9. Well since you insist, I don't eat it all that much. The wife is a great fan though. She's a Taylor Pork Roll lady. The notion of Taylor Ham is alien to us, but we subscribe to a live and let live policy in nearly all situations.
  10. I bought one, in 30-30. My Christmas present to myself. My non-shooting wife thought it was so pretty she wanted to hang it over the fireplace. I told her I'm not interested in having to lock it up every time we leave the house. Shoots good! Did you know that a 30-30 round will leave a divot in a steel plate at 50 yds? You probably did but I was kind of surprised, having only shot them with my .45 before. The paper target I hung in the next lane over was much the worse for wear by the end of the day as well. This hobby could get expensive.
  11. Bacon is Nature's Most Perfect Food. And beer is a vegetable. I am for a well-balanced diet, and encourage everyone to drink their vegetables.
  12. " Are you hairless from aggressive manscaping? " Well, you know barbers are like surgeons, they love to cut. But we've come to an agreement now that he has to stop before I become too recognizable.
  13. Hi, just joined after lurking for a couple of years. I'm a retired EE. I've been target shooting pistol since 2015 and have recently started up with rifles (Savage .22 and Henry side-gate 30-30). Fun stuff. I'm a member at South Jersey Shooting Club in Winslow but these days I mostly go to Telco Sportsmens in Atco, which is much closer to where I live. Fine folks at both clubs--gun people are the best, friendly and polite. Wish I'd gotten into this sport sooner! BTW my real name is Joe but I'm not quite as hairless as my avatar is.
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