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  1. Got it resolved! Should have my FID in a matter of days!
  2. I was arrested back in 2005 because my sister and I were arguing and she ended up calling the police. She admits that it was ridiculous and told the court as much. However the court system has absolutely no record of this ever occurring. The police records department has it as happening and then being dismissed.
  3. Not unconcerned, just busy trying to get info. I was able to track down the court case # and summons number but still working between the police depts.
  4. Hi all, I am looking for some help because I have a fairly perplexing situation. In 2017 I was issued an FID in my old town. I recently moved and sent in an address change form. Now back in 2005, I was arrested for “simple assault”. It was a non-issue, it was immediately dismissed and had never been an issue. My new town Sergeant called me and said he’d be unable to issue a new FID because of the disposition on the arrest (the arrest is listed as unknown disposition). The sergeant suggested I call the court where it was thrown out to get an updated disposition. I called the court and they have absolutely no record of any such arrest. I’m unsure where to go now. Any thoughts?
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