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  1. Not to hijack the topic but how do people like their PCs? I’ve shot 9mm carbines before and enjoyed them so thinking of adding one to the collection. I have a Sec9 and since it takes the same mags I figure this one is a good choice.
  2. Twism86

    Who Shoots a SKS

    My buddy has a bunch of land overrun with deer (like the rest of NJ) so I might tag along with him one year and try and get one. My biggest draw back to hunting was always the task of dragging the deer out of the woods, cleaning it and butchering it. If I hunt with him he will take care of that for me in exchange for getting rid of extra deer.
  3. Twism86

    Who Shoots a SKS

    I most likely will. Im an avid fisherman and supporter of all outdoor activities so a throwing a few extra bucks at NJF&W is always good. I have nothing against hunting either, just never appealed to me. I also let all my fish go...
  4. Twism86

    Who Shoots a SKS

    That would be a close local option however I dont hunt and the sign says you must have a hunting license to use the range.
  5. Twism86

    Who Shoots a SKS

    Hi all, Getting back into shooting so that means cleaning off my SKS. Do any of the indoor ranges that I may go to, TTC or RTSP, allow shooting 7.62 indoors? Also, as far as ive checked the bayonet is still legal in NJ. I have no modifications, still an internal mag, etc. Who else has one and shoots it on the regular? I dont think mine has went bang in 10+ years. http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m265/twism86/photo2-2.jpg
  6. A Beretta I was looking at came with 3 as well.
  7. There are plenty of good bass lakes in NJ but the issue is access. Few have good shoreline access so if you dont have a boat you are very limited. I do most of my bass fishing in the Poconos
  8. Im good for 1 or 2 a year..... Its all my right foots fault. When driving with a firearm, small child, good craft beer, etc I tone it way down.
  9. Thank you for the reply! I am a fisherman so I always have my fishing license on me. I am not a hunter though. I belong the the NRA and will likely support other organizations in the future as well. I wouldnt say I am advertising my intentions as much as asking about whether an action is possible. Either way, that action was asked by "Twism86" which is not synonymous with my real identity, SS#, address, etc..... I beleive along the lines of "its better to ask for forgiveness than permission" but in this state in regard to firearms laws, thats a losing battle I dont want to have to fight.
  10. My mother made the world's best meat loaf anyway.... Also, Taylor Ham is the correct term, good on you!
  11. I will look into that as well! Not selling ammo or renting guns isnt a problem for me.
  12. Hi Everyone, New member but already made my first post in the NJ Laws forum trying to clear up for transport questions. New handgun owner but not new to shooting. Grew up shooting with my family and in Boy Scouts. Currently have a Ruger Sec9, Norinco SKS and a Mossberg 500. I probably enjoy trap shooting the most, even though I have a cheap shotgun... Actually all my firearms are kind of cheap, buy hey, they work! I dont have a "home" range but im pretty much equidistant from both RTSP ranges and TTC. I wouldnt call shooting a big hobby of mine right now as I dont get out as much as I would like but thats only because I find shooting pieces of paper in a concrete building rather boring and good trap ranges are hard to find. Has anyone been to the Chester Game Association trap range? Its only 35 mins from me so once it warms up im hoping to give that a shot. Im envious of people who live outside of NJ or have enough property to be able to shoot outside at more "fun" targets. Im a big fisherman and love trout and bass fishing. Trout in NJ and bass at my place in the Poconos. I actually run a small forum myself for trout fishing in NJ. Tom
  13. Im SOL in regard to being legally able to drive to work with my handgun locked in a car and locked in a case, go to the range after work and then go home. Going back home after work and then to the range will eat up a lot of time but in the Socialist Republic of NJ thats what I have to do..... Its a bummer because I dont see myself going to the range on weekends much so weekdays are the best option for me.
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