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  1. Yeah horse teeth isn’t going to bend a bit. Still waiting since Jan 25th Not holding my damn breath.
  2. Same here. And I was blown off like it wasn’t a big deal. I’m sure my senator is busy with the current situation in the us so I’ll just sit here on my hands
  3. Unreal, I called yesterday. Was told fingerprints weren’t in yet. Asked about the thirty days. Got laughed at. Was told “ good luck with that. I hope you’re not in a hurry. “ I called Trenton. Told me everything was good on their end. I contacted my senator. Idk what else to do
  4. Do all the approved e-mails come at 6:01? Maybe I can stop checking every 5 minutes if I don’t get it before I leave for work. I wonder if they will blame any delays on the COVID - 19 situation
  5. Maybe if I just keep posting I’ll have the same luck. I started on Jan 25th.
  6. I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve lived here my whole life. Yet somehow I keep being shocked
  7. Damnit I’m jealous. That’s awesome. Hopefully mine comes back soon. Drives my mind crazy... if it’s an automated system how can it vary so much? I’m in my 30s. Other than silly traffic violations (that was 10+ years ago) I’ve never had any law issues. Seems like it should be cut and dry.
  8. That’s the part that seems to take 2-3 weeks. Same step I’m on. I got got that email on feb 14th. Then a call on feb 24th asking for an employment verification. Now I’m waiting.
  9. Seems to come from the same address as the FARS system. Looks like from going through the past posts it’s about 10-15 days from when the background check is completed to the “approval” email. Then it seems it’s up to the local departments from there. I received a call last Monday asking to verify my employment they couldn’t get through my hr at work. I asked about timing and was told the 30 days doesn’t start until all required information is received. Including the employment verification. So now I’m waiting for the “approval” email.
  10. Anyone have experience with the Kingwood barracks since FARS? So far it’s been 1/25 applied 1/26 both references returned questionnaires 2/11 fingerprints 2/14 email stating background check was completed Now I’m getting antsy waiting
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