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  1. I have not read all 30 pages so I do not know if this has been addressed- but I will say I am NOT turning everything in. I am praying they do not ask us to, because I honestly don't know what I would do in that scenario.
  2. Wow what a welcome!!! Thanks all. I was away for a few weeks visiting my son. Without my Chromebook. Now time to catch up. I am officially panicking about the possibility of Martial Law.
  3. Not scaring me away! I love it! Ok, hot pockets are great. Except for garlic crust variety. I had a Betty Crocker EZ Bake oven as a child. I may still have it, and bet I could make a hot pocket in it. I also had a Snoopy Sno Cone Machine. I need a forum tutorial. What is the 1st Amendment lounge?
  4. This is hilarious! I can't wait to get to know people here! To answer a few other questions- yes, it is terrible, the lack of information that you are included on if you are not on social media or forums. I have given in. While I pay attention to most current events, the magazine limit change was not something I read anywhere. I am very computer literate, I have just avoided Facebook and foruming until now. I don't see how else I can keep a finger on the pulse. Regarding shotgun- of course I have one! A Mossberg 500. Every woman should have one. I bbq my ribs on a gas grill these days. I also know how start a fire in the woods and can cook on that too though. I DO NOT own a Crockpot. HA! Not that kind of lady. My gosh I HOPE my ex is not on this forum, haha. He wouldn't be in a million years. Thank you for the very warm welcome all. I really mean it.
  5. HA! Do you say soda, or Coke? Or No Coke Pepsi!! I am an old Saturday Night Live fan. Hohokus, not Hoboken. I did my first quote! Northern Bergen County.
  6. Thank you! I will have to watch the movie now. 1995, not 80s.
  7. Militia kind of rhymes with my name. Desperate attempt at a witty screen name.
  8. I am having fun already!! I have a thick skin and like to joke. No snowflake here. I don't exactly know what movie it is either. I think it is an 80s movie.
  9. Ok guys, get the BYE FELICIA jokes out of your system! No seriously I would love to thank whoever made that movie haha. My name is Felicia and I am new to the forum. I've stayed away from this sort of stuff for the longest time (I am 54) but I realize it is just the only way to keep informed these days. For instance, I had no idea that we went down to 10 round maximum magazines. My adult son who lives out of state for a while now happened to hear it and thank goodness let me know. I guess I have to give in and join the online community. Count me in as a member of the officially fed up with NJ law crowd. About me - 54, grown children, no Grands yet, Labrador named Boogie. Dad taught me to shoot when I was little. My first husband God rest his soul was also an enthusiast. We use to hunt, fish, and go target shooting. My 2nd husband was a Liberal. Still is, I divorced him he isn't dead. At least not to my knowledge. I have a few handguns, a few long guns. My favorite handgun is my Glock G19. My favorite long gun is my Winchester 30/30. That is about it, looking forward to chatting with and sharing information with like minded NJ prisoners.
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