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  1. Thanks - I was fairly sure that was the case. If anyone else is interested: I found the guidance form the NSSF here ( http://www2.nssf.org/l/127421/2020-04-28/42prlx ) that says as much and even references/links the ATF guidance for these situations.
  2. Could you clarify this please? - the Firearms Investigation Unit at my local PD said I wouldn't have an issue at my LGS using a license with an expiration date that was auto-extended by the MVC. They actually issued me my FID card under the expired license (expiry date was early June). I have a couple of sales purchases going through this week and just want to be sure I'm not going to have hassle.
  3. Did you get a call yet? Mine is sorted and will be in the next pick-up session they do next week. Rough time to be shopping.
  4. I'm at 126 days in GT. They are just really really really understaffed compared to the level of applications and have been since before Christmas 2019 from what I gather. I have sympathy for the officer I have been dealing with. He's been pleasant and nothing in our discussions leads me to belive it's out of malice.
  5. Thanks - I may give them another chase. It's pretty much been 3 months since my FARS application.
  6. Gloucester Township? Got confirmation of background check complete 5th March (8 weeks tomorrow) and then on 19th March they said estimate still another 4-6 weeks.
  7. I have no further update yet I'm afraid. I'm not in any discernible rush but I'm fairly sure they're probably not actually processing anything right now.
  8. 1. Application type (FID/permit w/ existing FID) - FID + 2 P2P 2. Police Department where you applied - Gloucester Township 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD - Tony (really friendly guy) 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit - 140 days exactly from FARS application (120 days with local PD). 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form) - Some docs related to US residency/Green Card. 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process (unforeseen difficulties, chief of police calling your home, you hiring an attorney, etc.) - N/A Timeline: 02/19 Application submitted via FARS online. 02/19 References responded in less than an hour. 03/02 Fingerprinted. 03/05 Background check complete email received. 07/08 ID & Permits picked up.
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