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  1. This is based on the NCIS system, I wonder how many of these are like me I ordered in early April but the guns didn't ship till late May. Which is when my bg check got submitted.
  2. CF1782


    Real response, constitutions are only as strong as their weakest link, ignoring part of it because you don't like the outcome only weakens the rest of it. If we can ignore part of the constitution here others can more easily ignore other parts over there. You want to erode article 1 section 2, as it doesn't help you personally. Someone else wants to ban all fire arms because they dont own any and are not benefiting from the second amendment. If you dont like the census seek an amendment, that is your recourse not filling it out is saying you are okay with ignoring the constitution.
  3. With the shortages going on now I found some decent prices still going at LAX. Now I just have to wait for it to come in.
  4. 1. Initial FID 2. Hathorne 3. Sargent Hoswoth(sp) 4. 32 days 5. None 6. My appointment to get fingerprints was canceled and I had to repeatedly reschedule to get my original appointment back due to the closure of the identogo offices.
  5. I picked up my FID today. I started the process March 13th so a month and 2 days later the deed was done. I did not get any handgun permits just a straight purchaser id I am not sure if that had any impact on how fast my id was processed.
  6. I think it depends on your goals. If you want to get your permits and do not wish to cause at least some animosity with your local PD given you are planning on living in that town, slack seems like the best course of action. If you want to fight the 2a fight slack is contrary to that goal. Adhering to the letter of the law or directly challenging that law would be the best option but that may be costly (legal fees) time consuming and might cause unforeseen issues. Maybe a middle of the road approach would make sense. Document your interactions ask if email confirmation of your status is possible. If all that is left as they claim is some typing and a signature that should not take too long. If you have an email or a letter saying that is all that is left and its dated if you rethink the legal option later because it's been months you would have something to show an attorney. I dont know all of your circumstances so I cannot say that any of the above approaches are right for you but perhaps give some thought to what your highest priorities are and plot your course accordingly.
  7. My local PD said that I would pay when I went to pick up my ID assuming I was approved. He also mentioned a considerable back log so I am not hopeful that this will be happening anytime soon.
  8. Paul Harrell's newest meat target... it went through the pork chop pectoral and where it hit ribs it broke them, but did not make it past the chicken roll simulating lung tissue exposed to parkway traffic fumes.
  9. I know a little about guns since my dad has guns and took me to the range but as I will be getting used to a new gun as a first time owner my current plan is to use snapcaps to practice loading and cycling my gun in my basement. Keeping the live stuff far far away till I can get to a range. However, I am rather aware how much time I will need at a range to get my aim back to what it was when I was younger. (And hopefully a lot better than that) So long as ranges practice social distancing I really dont see the problem with having them open. From what I recall people at the range typically spaced out more that 6 feet as a matter of course.
  10. I cannot be 100% sure but my understanding was FARS was never down. My FID application has continued through the process it was just with the indefinite shutdown all the 90 day permits could have expired prior to the ban being lifted.
  11. The Sargent I spoke with at my local PD basically said the same thing. I had already applied for a FID and he said it was still going to be processed. If I wanted a handgun permit he recommended holding off/halting on the process until the order was lifted. I told him since I wasn't interested in a handgun permit and had not applied for one I was grateful for the information but I would like my purchaser id to continue the process.
  12. This is a really great idea! I will try to log on to this tonight, I remember the basics from my Dad but a refresher never hurts and there may be something that I miss remember/my dad never covered.
  13. Thank you for the link. I was looking at Oakridge FireArms as I have seen good reviews and their online inventory looked reasonably priced.
  14. Sorry that was an oversight. 600 to 700 dollars including basic safety( lockable hard case or small gun safe, trigger lock) and maintenance( gun oil patches bore cleaner etc). With about 100 dollars for ammo.
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