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  1. Dkfirearms has surplus beretta m1951's available. I haven't shot one but they look great on youtube and for 360 dollars you can get one hand picked with 3 mags.
  2. Yes, I agree my question has been answered. I don't have a problem with a storage fee and I get it as a business that holding inventory costs. Thank you all
  3. With prices going up and genuine good deals potentially getting scarce I was wondering if it's considered bad form to purchase a handgun online and then have the gun hang out in an FFL's lock up till my permit applications are processed? (Applied June 28th) If I see a good deal and want to go for it I dont want to create a bunch of headaches for someone but on the other hand 2 or 6 months from now the price doubling seems possible if not likely. I wouldn't be opposed to paying a modest storage fee or something but as I have zero experience with this I figured I'd ask here before I get laughed at by an ffl.
  4. I think all of the rifles have sold out save for the one on gun broker.
  5. Fair enough, I was just trying to give the op an angle to get something incase they had a goose egg in term of ammo. I agree the prices are absurd.
  6. To be fair I did say need, deals may not be great but ammo can still be found.
  7. https://www.luckygunner.com/handgun/9mm-ammo Luckygunner has some 9mm if you are in need.
  8. I wonder if the magazine was fixed would an AR/AK pistol be NJ legal.
  9. From my preliminary research a hi-point seems to be a fundamental functional gun that is too heavy ugly as sin and made to be an effective club when you run out of ammo. The Remington R51 seems like a great training tool for what to do when you have a failure to feed that looks nicer I would take either as well as I own no handguns but I'm not sure that I would classify the hi-point as the lesser firearm.
  10. I took it as a positive in that I was hoping that meant I had a better shot at winning one as the more discerning experienced gun owners would scoff and refuse to enter.
  11. I'd try the records department, ask who is in charge of fid applicationa but dont ask to speak to the detective(they might just transfer you back to his voice mail) ask when would be a good time to call him.
  12. Just a suggestion I would recommend calling first. The detective who handles applications in my town only works certain days and others in the office had no answers to any of my questions.
  13. Thank you for the very gracious offer when it's open to full capacity going shooting sounds like alot of fun.
  14. I can say that GFH place was clean well run with helpful responsive staff that handled my questions and dealt with a flood of people without making anyone uncomfortable. I chalked it up to getting what you pay for. I probably can shoot cheaper elsewhere but value for money it was worth it in this newcomers estimation just not something I could make a habit of as a nonmember. But of course if I do make a habit of it that's when membership makes sense.
  15. Thank you all again I appreciate the assistance/advice I'm happy to report gun for hire was a blast, I learned a few things and I was able to get on paper alot more than I had anticipated. The glock 19 gen 5 was harder to shoot but vastly more enjoyable to shoot than the mark iv hunter which felt too heavy and the grip/controls kept me wanting to adjust my hands. I shot better with the red dot on the mark iv, but I felt like I was losing my situational awareness trying to stabilize the dot if that makes sense. Cost wise renting without a membership was understandable but not something I can go for long term. Next trip I'm thinking look at pistols similar to the glock 19 (polymer frame 9mm) though honestly I might just get the glock, I feel like it might save me money long term instead of repeated rentals to come back to the glock. (Put the "rental" fund towards classes)
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