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  1. Yes, the goal of the today's Democrats is to eliminate private firearms ownership in it's entirety. On another note, I feel stupider after listening to a Biden speech.
  2. I have decided to end this sale, items will no longer be for sale. Moderators can message me for any additional information. Please remove listing.
  3. Sold to bossnagy pending funds and meeting agreement.
  4. This will be sold as a lot. Federal 150 grain soft point 100 rounds Winchester 170 grain 33 rounds Lever Evolution 30 rounds Hornady Sub-Sonic 7 rounds 170 rounds total for 160$
  5. I stand corrected... though in my town they would put me handcuffs or worse....
  6. For sale some hard to find 30-30 ammo for your lever guns. 170 rounds of 30-30 total. Asking 160$, I am in Middlesex County. First person to say "I'll take it wins". Please PM me if you have additional questions.
  7. Yes...... I was aware of the origin of the article when i posted it......The fact it comes from an anti-gun source makes it even better.
  8. I would read this: NYSRPA v. Corlett: The Supreme Court’s Next Big Gun Case, Explained (thetrace.org) I remain very optimistic on this case as it is the first of it's kind. According to the article, there are a number of potential outcomes. The worst case scenario is that NY, NJ, CA simply ignore the ruling forcing us common folk to file individual lawsuits against the "issuing authority" which would then result in the "issuing authority" losing in court on an individual basis and being forced to issue a CCW permit. Though, based on what happened in Illinois and Washington DC, the states/city threw up their hands in defeat and accepted "shall issue". The best case scenarios is either a broad "originalist" ruling or a ruling to the lower courts to review 2a cases entirely different resulting in "shall issue". I feel good about this one, it's the first real gun case the supremes have taken in a decade, Are "crumbs" the only thing we have to look forward to? I think not! 22 States are "Shall issue" 21 States are "constitutional carry" there are only 7 states left that are "holdouts", they must and will be brought to heel by SCOTUS eventually.
  9. Yup! You can appendix carry with 17+ round mags all day every day, buy PCC's, all the suppressors you can afford, SBR's, binary triggers the list goes on an on... Enjoy! I pray I could do the same.
  10. umm no, they took NYRP v Corlett that's of the biggest consequence!
  11. Didn't this AG do the same thing in Rogers V Grewal? Disgusting! Every gun case from NJ in the SCOTUS pipeline is treated with disrespect and ignorance by the AG. I hope SCOTUS takes ours instead of CA and humiliates NJ.
  12. I have flown out of Newark many times with a handgun and ammunition with American or United. handgun was in a locked box (bulldog Co.) with a cable attached to the inner part of the luggage with gun unloaded and slide locked back , ammo and magazine(unloaded) was stored in a locked ammo can(inside luggage) or a similar plastic case. I only traveled with FMJ or hornady critical defense, incepter arx ammo. I declared my gun the second i walked up to the booth. No issues of any kind.
  13. No disagreement there! I have my Florida CCW permit and have carried in Miami many times! The folks at the Department of Agriculture ( Hialeah office I think) were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. What a difference! I still remember the day I went in, the whole thing took maybe 30 minutes. "I know.... Lived there over 60 years. Get out while you can." God help me I'm trying!
  14. 21 states have constitutional carry 22 states are "shall issue" 7 states are "may issue" Guess where we fall in the above categories? Fuck NJ
  15. True there are many issues plaquing NJ from corruption, rising crime, taxes, rotting infrastructure, traffic/congestion, insane/dangerous drivers, lack of good jobs, but the fact remains that without SCOTUS/court intervention there will be no change in NJ, we simply don't have the numbers. Yes, many have given up and with good reason! Many here over the years attended rallies, called politicians, got in people's faces, donated to 2a groups with nothing to show for it. NOTHING! How many years can you fight with no victories? What grass roots? what are you smoking? Many of our best have already left, the few that remain along with the FUDDS are not enough to change anything. Gun grabbers are throwing as many bs laws they can in the hopes something will stick on both the local and national level, but "running to Florida" is consolidation of our forces, its not a bad thing.
  16. Edf is "somewhat" correct, PA is turning blue and within 5 to 10 years they will be a clone of NJ that is why if i move from NJ (god willing) it won't be to PA. Florida and VA are better and i have spent much time there, but what afflicts NJ, NY, CA is spreading like a cancer throughout the country. No where you escape to is entirely safe from the clutches of those that would disarm you. With that being said, NJ is a failed state and there will be NO turn around in NJ without SCOTUS intervention meaning that there is no "stand and fight" here because the battle is already lost. We are not a minority of NJ society, but rather a tiny subset of a minority in this state! We can't even get 5000 people to a pro-gun rally if we went out into the streets and bribed everyone. The only card we have left in this state is SCOTUS/court intervention. "Stand and Fight" Puhleeeze!
  17. Can't believe some of the comments here! Everyone is in a goddamn hurry to comply with a non-existent ban! Forget the AR-15's, some of you need to purchase copious amounts of LUBE!!!!!
  18. Item for sale is a Primary Arms Cyclops Prism 1X scope. Like new condition, no scratches, dents, defects of any kind. Comes with picatinny mount, flip up covers, battery, and lens wipe. Retails for 225+, asking $100. First person to say "i'll take it" wins. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  19. Early 2000's i believe according to wikipedia
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