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  1. Might as well buy ammo at 1.20/pc and shoot it , than trying to buy already fired brass on for 0.95/pc on gunbroker. But thanks anyway. Yea, I could do that, already shoot those, a ton, my favorite Ar15 round BTW.
  2. Thanks, figured as much but wasn't sure the commies running the state didn't add a new law. Unfortunately, they were the only ones with ANY 6 ARC brass.
  3. Tried to pick up some brass this morning, and Arms and Ally wouldn't ship to NJ, saying its a restricted state. WTH?
  4. I have always said this cloud based BS the Military is moving toward will cause a Battlestar Gallactica moment, and I think we just saw a test... and don't expect this corrupt Marxist government to ever tell you about it. The United States of America is dead, welcome to the new world order.
  5. Jon K


    In recorded history... get it right. You, nor anyone else has any idea if one hasn't been stronger, even in the last 500 years, let alone all of history.
  6. How much for the Nikon without the mount, if you'll separate. Can't think of any reason for a 20 moa mount on a 4 power scope.
  7. Jon K

    Grendel hunter

    Only at 100 yards so far, been working up loads for it. I just have a 3-9x44 on it for now. I typically use an inexpensive scope on a build until it proves its worth something better. It does, but I'm working on other projects at the moment. Grendel should be good out to 300, but haven't got around to trying that out yet. My handloads are pretty close to the 2475 fps I get with the 123gr Hornady Black factory stuff. Its a better round than say the 300 blk or the 7.62x39R. Neither of which are worth a darn at 300 yards.
  8. Jon K

    Grendel hunter

    Yes, used one on my last build, with grendel hunter 19" fluted barrel (target crown) and their handguard. Shoots one moa with hornady ammo, and sub moa with my handloads. Brass is hard to come by, but started seeing 6 ARC brass back in stock, so 6.5 Grendel isn't far behind.
  9. Jon K

    Grendel hunter

    Personally like Stag Arms Upper receivers, they are tight to the barrel requiring a little heat to install barrel. Might be overkill, I've had great shooters that weren't as tight.
  10. Jon K

    Grendel hunter

    Have two of their barrels, both are nail drivers. No issues. Also have one of their handguards, very good product. I like to build my own stuff. Both have no muzzle break btw, so no welding.
  11. Maybe somebody can come up with an option that attaches to the shoulder and not the gun. A pad with a plastic insert that directs the end of the tube. / / | | \ \ something like that. think of it round, like a funnel to direct/slide the end of the buffer tube into the center. make is rainbow colored and see if they want to make that illegal.
  12. Per the title, looking for a 1903 Springfield from the WW2 era, earlier is fine. Primarily I want one to shoot, so a solid barrel and rifling is required. Even one with a new barrel that isn't from the era is fine, again looking to shoot it, not display it. Decent stock as well, no problem with blemishes, just no cracks or repairs. Thanks
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