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  1. Have 600 thru mine, just looked at that part, no noticeable wear. Since you need one anyway.. https://www.tacticallink.com/forward-controls-design-reinforced-buffer-retaining-pin.html
  2. with a little practice, not having the stabilizing brace means little. yea, can't shoulder, but its a 5.56 pop gun anyway with very little recoil. I'd be more than happy if after its all said and done I can just keep the other with no brace. I doubt that, but we'll see.
  3. Don't hold your breath for that letter, but essentially that's what you would get if they even bothered to write one. No more others, go pound sand, we want all your guns.... this is only the first step peasants....
  4. Correct, my understanding is that they are going after ANY firearm with a brace that has a barrel less than 16 inches. Take them all out in one swipe. Its either a pistol, SBR, or firearm. So for an other, its change the barrel to make it a firearm, of register it as a SBR.
  5. Easy, once you replace the barrel with one that is 16 inches or longer, its a rifle now, and a new stock will be pinned/nonadjustable to comply with the laws here in the peoples republic of new jersey. So the brace can't be reinstalled....
  6. When the end game has nothing to do with public safety, what they do makes perfect sense.
  7. Wouldn't this just mean an other is now a rifle as there isn't any "other" in the new laws? sorry rules, they can't make laws, only Congress can. Well, when this country still had a constitution anyway...
  8. get a different job. NJ is totally broke (seven years in a row, worse run state in the USA) and the bill is coming soon...
  9. bump got a chance to try out the same upper this is using today, WOW. Worked perfect and accuracy was sub 1.5 moa with both steel and brass ammo I was using. Very pleased. Just too bad I bought it before your post!!!!
  10. Appreciate the info, have this same upper being delivered tomorrow, and was wondering if i could use one of my rifle length lowers with it.
  11. you running a rifle length buffer on this? Thought the upper is using a mid length gas system. Any issues?
  12. Why can't we just remove the stabilizer, doesn't change anything in so far as the other is suppose to be a 2 handed weapon anyway.
  13. I thought they were just going to make them illegal to own, so it must be removed from an other and destroyed?
  14. Don't get me wrong, have a few older marlins that I got lucky with quality and fit/finish. Just a wood lover, and the Henry's really are beautiful pieces. That said, I do like the look of this Marlin, and I'll definitely keep my eye out for a cheap Marlin with crappy wood, to make one of these.
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