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  1. Well, not surprised, but ya did.
  2. don't know, but I'm still waiting since 2:30pm yesterday
  3. Great for Virginia, but I hear nothing but crickets here in new jersey.
  4. Where is the NRA? Aren't they suing to at least open the outdoor ranges? They send at least two emails every day looking for money, and all we hear are crickets over this states overreach.
  5. Paying my exit taxes to get out of this state will be the happiest day of my life!!!
  6. Sadly a poll just came out saying Murphy has 70% approval. If that doesn't tell you how stupid the people really are here in New Germany, nothing will. The state is done, bankrupt, was BEFORE covid-19, and I hope the morons in Washington aren't stupid enough to bail out these failed states. 40% - 50% increase in real estate taxes, and the same increase in state taxes, plus huge sales taxes, might wake the people up here, but I doubt it.
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