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  1. So should I bother running down to the range and schedule training by one of our NRA trainers, or should we just sit back and see what horrible hoops New Germany will put in place first?
  2. No matter what you do, I would highly recommend the LE Wilson Cartridge Gage you see in the pic above, one of the most important things for a older weapn or any for that matter, is careful verification your sizing fits a standard saami chamber. They also make a micrometer thats basically a depth gauge to measure how far you are from +/- max using the cartridge Gage. I have one one these for everything I reload. Since I reload, basically everything, I have a boat load.
  3. I have both myself, the best ARs I have are SIG 516s which both are sub moa with nearly every piece of factory nato ammunition I've tried. I also have a kel tec RDB bullpup, it shoots great, maybe not as good as the SIG but the SIG is twice plus the cost of the kel tec. The SIG produces noticeably less recall, because it is heavier. I would expect a heavier bullpup would equalize that felt recoil. The kel tek is much more maneuverable, as you would expect a smaller package to be, and I can fire it right or left, as it discharges down not to either side, this is why I purchased it. None of the other bullpups I considered discharged this way. I also have a Troy other, and that almost equals the kel tecs maneuverability so purhaps that is an option for you as others already have a required VFG, but then you lose the ambidextrous shooting ability, and go with a direct impingement AR which I do not prefer in the least compared to the SIG or kel tec, which are both piston guns. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. I use the 7.62x39 Belom, shoots as well as anything else in my arsenal AK, and the brass is reloadable. My handloads are sub moa, this stuff is sub 2 moa, about the same I see in nato stuff for my AR.
  5. Oh well, I knew you would get personal, thus why i hate to even give opinions. DI stinks.
  6. I'm not saying that they haven't been hit by the Biden economy, but Shooters has at least half a dozen different manufacturers less than the $1000 price point. Now they certainly aren't as good as my arsensal SAM7R, but we aren't talking about $2000+ AK's. Although i have some fine direct impingement AR15's, Stags mostly, I still wouldn't grab one if my life were dependent on it, over even a cheap AK47. Don't want to turn this into a AR versus AK chat, but the AK simply is a better weapon compared to a direct impingement AR. Add to that that the ammo is superior to a 5.56 Nato and there really isn't anything to discuss. At least below 150 yards.
  7. OK, I'll bite. If your looking for a rifle to plink and to save your butt when you need too, then drop the $1000 max, although there are some options, and most of those are 7.62x39 piston guns, aka. AK47. Let's say you went plinking with your direct impingement AR based rifle and didn't get to clean it and the zombies come, yea it might still work for a while, but its going to gum up and start failing. Now change that to a piston driven AR15, like a SIG, it will work all day everyday, even if you haven't cleaned it for 10,000 rounds, dropped it in mud, water, sand, dirt, you name it. That's what you get when you up your price target... So either get a AK47 to stay inexpensive, or get a real AR15, not that thing that was made in the 60's.... Just my opinion.
  8. Went with a 24" Eabco barrel, handloading Barnes 105's, still working it up, Hornady Black 105s are running 2675 - 2730 fps, about 20 std.
  9. On my fourth day of waiting for a background check. Ridiculous system....
  10. Understood. If I do happen upon any I'll certainly post here and let you know. Hopefully somebody else will start producing them, so far only Hornady makes the brass.
  11. Factory is all your going to be able to fire for a while anyway. There is no brass available for this, and hasn't been for 8 months. I know because i look every single day.... So save that brass....
  12. Built a 6mm ARC upper last year. Only have about 300 thru it and have to say I like it better than the 224 Valk. Reminds me of a little 6mm Norma BR. Tough to get bolt action accuracy out of a SA but it pretty darn good so far, using Barnes 105gr Match. Still working out what it likes best, tough though with powder being difficult to get.
  13. If you set it up at Bobs I'll take it. never did this before so don't know how we do this.
  14. Thanks all, a lot of what I'm feeling about the NRA about now. Sadly, its all we got right now, but I really don't see them doing a darn thing in NJ, and on the national level it's the FPC that i see the most, and they get most of my money, and i suppose will continue to get it. Think it's time to just pay by the drink so to speak, and give when I see an organization doing something. No more memberships, just donations to individual cases.
  15. Seriously, why bother. I already give my money to FPC and the SAF because they actually fight for the 2nd amendment in courts? What exactly does the NRA do anymore? All I've seen is they treat themselves very well, and then scramble to say they are helping the FPC and SAF. Am I wrong? Sitting on the fence in giving the NRA any more money.
  16. Jon K

    HK SL8 thoughts?

    Fully compliant. Nothing to destroy, pin, or weld.
  17. Jon K

    HK SL8 thoughts?

    Love mine, very accurate, a bit heavy even with all the plastic, but sure not as heavy as it would have been with aluminum. Very simple mechanism and is a lot cleaner being piston driven. Buy it, got mine around $1500, a deal to be honest, definitely a 2k rifle. Can't find any mags for it right now, promag makes one for it too, waiting on those, much cheaper than the HK ones.
  18. BTW, thanks, never bothered to even count before. I needed to put in a limiter as it did indeed have the capability to hold more than 6. I suppose it was designed for the 3 inch shells to hold 6. So this adds a question, sorry to steal this topic for a minute. What if you used the mini shells? It would far exceed six rounds, so what constitutes the six round limit if there are varying sized shells? I can't wait to get out of this state..... it is after all a peninsula with only one land bridge and that's toward the most heavily populated portion of the east coast.
  19. Maybe I am, looks like your right. iii. A semi-automatic shotgun that has at least two of the following: (1) A folding or telescoping stock; (2) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon; (3) A fixed magazine capacity in excess of six rounds; and/or (4) An ability to accept a detachable magazine 3. A semi-automatic shotgun with either a magazine capacity exceeding six rounds, a folding stock or a pistol grip
  20. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I believe that 6 round limit only applies to semi-shotguns with a removable magazine.
  21. Beretta 1301. Extension tube gives you 2 more, I ghost one, and leave chamber empty. Just rack and go... Eats everything I put in it with no issues at all.
  22. bump. Good stuff, my arsenal is sub 2 moa with this stuff, and the brass is pretty good for reloading.
  23. PTR-32 looks interesting, about how many rounds you think you have through this one? and its a gen 2 right?
  24. The leo who just locked you up, costing you 12 to 25k in legal expenses to prove what your saying. The troy lower is only officially legal and has a letter to prove it from the nj state police saying it is when its a total package. Now between the both of us, the op now knows how important it it to make sure this psa upper is configured 100% properly to comply.
  25. That troy lower is only legal on the troy upper btw. adjustable pistol brace is a no no. just saying.
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