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  1. thanks for the advices, all. Will keep an eye on the opening hours of Tanners. It looks like they have a few LWRC and Sig rifles in stock Since I am also a resident of MA, I gonna try getting the FID there as well this week. Unfortunately, it is a pretty involved process there as well... but at least the gun shops are still open there...
  2. Hi all, Applied for the NJ firearm purchaser ID (just the long gun "permit", not interested in getting a handgun) last week, got the fingerprint scanned last Friday, and then the references turned in over the last weekend (received the email updates after both references turned their response). 1) Is there anything that I am missing here aside from patiently waiting for now? I tried to turn in the mental health background check form and pay the $5 fee at my local PD (Hopewell Township) last week, but was told over the intercom at the front door, that the mental health form is no longer needed (didn't even get to speak to them in person, which I guess is understandable given the current situation)--I just need to wait now and show up to pay and pick up the card when it is ready. 2) Just wondering if that's correct? Also, how long will I have to wait now until I get the ID card? 3) Also, I am just wondering what are some good gun shops in the area (don't mind a drive) that could source me a NJ legal AR-10 style or a M1A rifle. I also work/live in MA (my main address is still NJ). Given that I don't mind Rhode Island is pretty close by and on the way when I do drive up to MA, buying a gun over there is certainly possible and potentially easier/faster than getting one here at NJ (no sure how long this gunshop closure will last). It looks like any non-resident of RI can buy a longgun there, as long as you have a purchasing permit and the gun is legal in the other state where the buy resides. 4) However, I am wondering what is the legalizing process for these AR style rifles purchased out of state? 5) Any other good sources of information (forums and etc.) for AR-10 style rifles and M1A? What about some good local ranges in the area that I can shoot these things (~one hour drive is ok, I live in Hopewell Township). Some background about myself: I am quite handy with long guns (rifle and shotguns) as I used to shoot a lot of them when growing in Canada and done pretty well in nation level competition as a teenager. Hence the heavy preference for rifles that can do ~1MOA if not sub-MOA, which I know might be asking quite a lot for a selfloader, especially with the older M14 style rifles. Anyway, thanks in advance and hope everyone is staying safe during this weird time.
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