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  1. Curious how it’s going and if the virus has affected it.
  2. I am more confused than when I first asked. I just wanted to know if it’s legal before I formally ask a lawyer and not seem like a dunce but now I am even more confused.
  3. I trust that. Just worried about what would happen if I did this, acquired it legally, but brought it back to my NJ home and had to use it in self defense and questioned how I got this firearm while denied an FID
  4. Do you have an FID or solely rely on this? Just curious
  5. Sorry for my ignorance. Am trying to learn and be lawful. Would you need an FID to do this? I’m in the process of getting straight with one as we speak, as I got the classic de facto denial with no reason and no history of psych/arrests/restraining orders/nothing but would like to get my hands on something in the mean time in light of current events. I’m no stranger to firearms, been a member of hunting clubs all my life with my father and hunted wild bore in Florida. Even enlisted in the army. But now I don’t live with pops and can’t have anything here at this house since I was denied for whatever reason. So, using this method, I could LEGALLY own without an FID even though I was denied? In your opinion, of course, which I understand is not legal advice.
  6. Forgive me for my constant need for clarification; given what you just said, this would negate the need for the all coveted FID?
  7. Bet you feel silly saying that now lol
  8. I agree with you. But like we know, these laws are designed to trap us and go against us, which they did to me at the time, being a naive 18 year old. I didn’t have the knowledge to go beyond asking for an appeal or know to do that. I couldn’t afford a lawyer at the time. They blind sided me, seemingly purposely, which I didn’t expect with a clean record. Now I’m coming to you guys trying to figure this out and set it straight before I take action. I won’t do anything until I speak to a lawyer and the NJSP first. Hopefully, possibly, Nappen, can simply ask why like you said and ask if the issue has resolved itself or what we can do to get approved. I don’t know. I am not a lawyer, haha. But I figured I could collect my thoughts with you guys here before anything else.
  9. Wouldn’t the same police station just see me come up again and auto reject me since I didn’t apply and appeal their last decision not to issue me an FID?
  10. You might be right. I’d rather be arrested in that situation than die in a home invasion, one might reason.
  11. I’m worried it may be used for home defense at some point and the cop will ask to see my FID. That would be scary. I have 3 parking tickets from high school. That’s the entirety of my record. I know I can legally posses in Florida, I just hope the cops agree here. I will have to ask.
  12. That’s the plan. I can do a private sale in Florida legally since I’m seen as a resident there under ATF laws and their gun statutes, then bring it here and have bought it legally. I’m worried a prosecutor may disagree with this though especially if I got denied an FID already :/
  13. I think I stumbled into drama here without meaning to lol. Back to Reddit I go.
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