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  1. https://www.estatesales.net/NJ/Somerset/08873/2785848 Here is one; check out photo # 205, thats a 2.5 gal Rubbermaid can in the garage, if they have lawnmowers or other power equipment they almost always have gas cans as well. Hit a few of these and you have more cans then you need and probably lots other stuff too.
  2. Estate sales are great sources for old style fuel cans at give away prices. Check out https://www.estatesales.net/NJ/Northern-New-Jersey for listings in your area. Last estate sale I went to they had a bunch of them in the shed, I'm already well stocked so I didn't buy any. I would suggest several 2.5 gal cans if you don't have the strength for the 5 gal. size.
  3. Depends on the season i.e. losing power in a northeast winter verse a summer storm. Bare minimum is heat, (if winter conditions), and water to flush toilets, without those the house is almost uninhabitable. Add senior citizens into the situation and it gets even more difficult.
  4. And for sure he will be a reliable committed hard core leftist. He won't be recusing himself or suppressing any negative information, real or imagined, on republicans.
  5. Yes, I've used Monmouth Arms. Okay, didn't know that- Thanks.
  6. Thats another question. What if instead of pinning the stock the FFL just removed collapsable stock, then transferred rifle and stock separately?
  7. Is an AR carbine with a MOE front pistol grip (broom handle type) N.J. compliant. ? If not, could the transferring FFL just detach the offending pistol grip and then legally transfer the rifle? -Thanks
  8. Thanks to Gov. Jim (flim-flam) Florio N.J. got it's own AWB in 1990, four years before Clinton's 1994 AWB. He rammed it through his first year in office as the dems always do with unpopular legislation hoping voters will forget. In fact, the national AWB was modeled on the N.J. version. Florio was bounced out after one term but the AWB remains, which the old bastard remains quite proud of BTW.
  9. No way in hell would I submit to an interview with the cops unless I'm under arrest and have my attorney present. He should have contacted a firearms attorney when they tried pulling that crap. But this is how local PD's bully and intimidate FID applicants who are babes in the woods and unfamiliar with the process.
  10. Irreplaceable. They just don't make them like that anymore. This year is going from bad to worse.
  11. Right. Murphy would have no problem with implementing NY or CA style laws in N.J. He is just biding his time.
  12. Caught me off guard. I had my FID my since the last days of the Clinton administration but owned Elmer Fudd guns; .357 revolvers, shotguns, a few .22's and considered myself well armed. Also, the Obama era panics didn't concern me too much because I had Fudd guns and other stuff going on in my life at the time Eventually I decided to modernize the "arsenal", sell off some items and use the proceeds towards AR's, double stacked striker 9mm, etc, a year or so after Trump won and was starting to build out when the covid scam hit. I got some really good deals but at the same time sold off items for half of what they're selling for post covid.
  13. The laws here in N.J. were passed years ago, we're already SOL: FID cards, intrusive background checks, 10 round mags, 1 gun a month, handgun purchase permits (registration), N.J. compliant AR's, etc. What they're pushing is N.J. type laws applied on the national level. Thats going to be a tough sell in congress. Biden has nearly zero political capital and this is not 1994.
  14. Last I read it was 112,000 guns sold in N.J. through September of 2020. Even adding another 20,000 a month that is still less that 200,000 for the year. New Jersey has long way to go to get anywhere near 30%.
  15. Where did you get that number? 30% of the population would be almost 3 million firearm owners in N.J.
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