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  1. Keep in mind the more stuff you hang on the rifle the heavier it gets, thus defeating one of the main advantages to the AR. Thats another reason I don't care for the M&P15, the heavy barrel profile. IMO after the riots last year primary SD weapons should be lightweight, high capacity (10rds in NJ) and reliable. In other words; 16 inch AR carbine, and 9mm striker fired semi auto. For range toys get whatever you like.
  2. Nice photo. What range is that?
  3. A little more than you want to spend but worth it in my opinion is the Colt CR6920. Chrome lined 4150 barrel, MP inspected bolt, H-buffer and Mil Spec parts that are not found on the other budget AR's. Plus excellent resale value. Monmouth Arms has one in stock with N.J. compliance work included in the price, which BTW is not reflected in the online prices of the M&P15, Ruger Saint, etc.
  4. Doesn't matter. Its mainly up to the Chief of Police as to how fast or slow FID applications are processed.. Other towns are known to process them in 30 days give or take so it can be done.
  5. As I recall, Manalapan PD was notorious for dragging their feet on FID applications. Obviously nothing has changed.
  6. Open borders immigration is what turned N.J. California, etc, into one party democrat controlled states. Thats why the Left fights tooth and nail to import third worlders by the millions. The less white a state becomes the bluer it gets.
  7. That may be true on some cases just to keep up appearances. But when it comes to the big ones like the 2020 presidential election voter fraud the SC is definitely swayed by what might happen outside the court.
  8. Don't be so sure another town won't have access to that info. I would give attorney Frank Pisano a call and get his opinion before proceeding.
  9. Bastards- Murphy, Deblasio, Shumer, etc, as usual exploiting human misery to push their demented agenda.
  10. People love their Labs but most don't make it to 12 years old, some even less. Another customer had a Lab with a large tumor on the spleen that was removed, he lived about another year afterward. Not a very healthy breed. Same deal with Goldens unfortunately. On the other end of the spectrum we have a customer with a 18 year old Silky Yorkie who outlived his first owner. Legally blind but still loves to go for walks and eat.
  11. I've only seen this indirectly through customers dogs and they all had replacement surgery eventually which went well but was expensive. There is chance the other leg will need surgery as well later on. However, the dogs in question developed cancer a couple of years later and died, both under 9 years old. One suddenly from an undetected tumor on the spleen.
  12. Yep, thats what I see. Morris cty. lots of under contract, pending and sold yard signs. Even less desirable properties on busy roads that were on the market and didn't sell pre-covid.
  13. In other words get reasdy for higher prices.
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