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  1. I don't hunt. I got it to use the state range at Clinton.
  2. It was a few years ago. I didn't take any courses, just walked in and purchased the license at Ramsey outdoor.
  3. What if you had a hunting license but it expired? Do you still have to take the class?
  4. Yes, and proud of it. You forgot to mention hauling washer/dryer sets, refrigerators with room to spare. I even fit a new 15 HP lawn tractor in one, and it was a shorter wheel base Caravan no less. SUV's are the 4WD equivalent of four door sedans with a hatch back.
  5. Yep. I have a 3.3l Grand Caravan pushing 300,000 miles. Runs perfect and original transmission. Not looking forward to having get something else one day. They did have a long run for those engines early 90's to 2010 I believe.
  6. I thought the 3.6 Pentastar was a good engine, no?
  7. How did it lose almost five qt. of oil? Guess they don't make them like they use to. I had a slant six Plymouth Duster that I ran so low oil it seized up and stalled. I filled it with oil, cranked it over by hand a few times, started it up and drove it for another year.
  8. What happened that a 7 year old vehicle needs a new engine?
  9. Because of the quarantine rules, Not because people are home sick in bed. Another manufactured crisis.
  10. Bomber

    How much cash

    And the anonymity. Nobody's business how much I purchased, when and where.
  11. Bomber

    How much cash

    Yeah, I would keep the car cash stash under $100.
  12. Bomber

    How much cash

    Forgot to mention, paying cash also gives a big middle finger to those who want to push us into a cashless, digital surveillance state.
  13. Yep. They could have ended this a year ago: Stop with the testing! If feeling too ill to work, stay home, otherwise leave people the F alone. Needless to say they don't want this to end.
  14. Might want to put her up in nice motel during for a few days. Who knows what you'll run into when you start taking things apart. 1 to 2 days seems very optimistic to get it done right, especially with older houses.
  15. Yeah, but if there are problems with the installer don't you have recourse to Lowes? An independent guy can just as easily do a half-assed job then disappear. Your only recourse then is small claims court. Of course they're going to say that, being uncooperative is part of being old. They're fine, until they fall..
  16. The U.S. is not Venezuela. The United States of America is not going to become a third-world country. The U.S. has a massive industrial base, low tariffs, and an $19 trillion economy. 10%+ per year price inflation, yes, hyperinflation no. Central banks will not allow it, they will crash the markets before they trash the currency.
  17. Bomber

    Pizza Bob

    It's their loss. New members get treated very well here compared to the pummeling I've seen other sites. Questions are answered quickly by knowledgeable people. I wish a site like this existed when I first applied for my FID.
  18. Some contractors have always thrown out crazy numbers just to see if you'll bite. Covid has taken that to the next level and beyond.
  19. Bomber

    How much cash

    Not exactly, its an unsecured loan that is being approved. The aim is to get people to overspend and carry a balance so they can hit them with double digit interest rates in a zero interest rate world.
  20. Bomber

    How much cash

    I've never used more than fraction of my walking around money at any one time. But its comforting to know I can pay cash for just about anything outside of big expense just with what I normally have on me. I also do the car cash stash thing, not much, just enough to fill the tank get something to eat and a little left over.
  21. Bomber

    How much cash

    I don't understand how grown men can walk around with almost no cash in their pockets. And its not just younger gens either. People think credit/debit cards exist solely for their convenience. Wrong. They exist to separate you from your money as painlessly as possible (while collecting a fee), get you in high interest CC debt and track/monitor all your transactions.
  22. Bomber

    How much cash

    Just for perspective. I usually carry about a $1000 just for walking around money, aside from other emergency cash on hand. Some might think thats crazy but I've been down the credit card debt road and it sucked. Now its always cash on the barrelhead and it feels good.
  23. Would help if you gave more details about what PD this is and exactly why they are requested a letter.
  24. Or simply can't afford it. Remember the surveys finding most people are hard pressed to come up with $500 in an emergency?
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