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  1. Why wait?? Call tomorrow. She said it would be in your e-mail a week ago. I would've been on the phone the next morning.
  2. He lives in a town the doesn't give a crap about letters. His PD knows N.J. courts have ruled they can take their sweet time on FID applications. The panic gun buying has been going on for a year, obviously at this point excessively lengthy FID delays are deliberate.
  3. I don't think all the newly minty firearm owners over the past year are going to be selling anytime soon. More likely they are buying more.
  4. Buying a handgun is usually a good way to use a handgun purchase permit.
  5. I could be mistaken but isn't Manalapan is one of the towns notorious for dragging their feet on FID applications, I doubt it will take six months however but its possible. Not much to do but wait and keep in contact with them. Some have sent letters to their Chief of PD inquiring on the status of their FID application with mixed results.
  6. Is a photocopy of an E-FID even considered valid in those instances where it must be presented? And who the f wants their FID on their smart phone in the first place? My FID card stays home unless needed.
  7. How convenient. Nothing leftists like better then shortages and chaos to further their agenda.
  8. Okay, but if no physical FID card is issued then technically it can't be "lost". Does losing the printed copy of your electronic E-FID constitute losing an FID and having to reapply?
  9. Hmm. So now there is no FID card to potentially lose because its just a printable download file and no physical FID is issued?
  10. Don't make that assumption, others have been denied just for seeing a psychiatrist and getting an Rx for anti-depressants. Contact a firearms attorney such as Frank Pisano on how to proceed BEFORE you submit the application. Whatever he charges will be nothing compared to the hassle and costs of getting denied and having to appeal.
  11. You don't owe your present employer much at those wages, they are working you to a frazzle for peanuts. Don't burn any bridges behind you, but don't go overboard on giving notice either. BTW- I doubt they will counter offer, if they did it probably wouldn't be enough and you'd still be working grueling hours.
  12. 60K a year divided by 60+ hrs a week is around $20hr. I made that 20 years ago and was younger than you at the time. (Thats the equivalent of $31hr. in todays inflation ravaged dollars BTW). Walmart employees start at $15. You don't have much to lose. Use the Chef skills as your fall back position. Having a buddy with inside info on a available position is a nice advantage. Chances are if you applied for that job online you wouldn't even get a reply much less an interview.
  13. Bad timing for optional home improvement projects. Material prices sky high and contractors have more work then they can handle = Homeowners getting fleeced.
  14. What does that mean? You got NICS approval in 13 seconds?
  15. I'm not really into collecting anymore, the only thing I want to collect these days is cash. As for handgun practice, again whats the point? One can only legally be used for SD on your own property or dwelling and it better well be at close range and properly justified or you'll be the one facing charges.
  16. Enjoy it while it lasts, that can change with a new chief of PD. Especially in a left leaning town.
  17. Without the option of concealed carry why repeatedly go through the process of begging the state for PP permits once your HD weapons are squared away? Handguns aren't the most enjoyable firearms for recreational shooting.
  18. And If you don't provide the now required e-mail addresses what happens? I'll take a guess- No PP for you.
  19. More hoops to jump through, more data collection and invasions of privacy. I'm not in any rush to buy another handgun. With no concealed carry allowed in N.J it makes little sense to have multiple handguns, you can't even shoot them at WMA ranges.
  20. Oh, really? So now the state is demanding the e-mail address of references?
  21. Thats because Murphy and the left are lying, sickening hypocrites. They don't give two shits about crime or the victims and never have, only using them as a means to disarm the other eight+ million law abiding people in N.J.
  22. And location and gender - The third rails of gun control politics. That would should the vast majority of gun crime in N.J is highly concentrated in a few geographical areas committed by small disproportionate male segment of the population and mostly against others of the same group.
  23. Actually outside of a few cites N.J. is a low crime state. Some of the popular destination states have far higher property and other crime rates than N.J.
  24. Okay, that makes sense. I was a little puzzled at a 28 year old with "CAL. 30 M1" profile?
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