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  1. Doesn't matter what the average idiot on the street average understands about value of PM's. And I didn't say anything about using silver/gold coins to buy groceries. But if you want to unload your physical gold and silver I'll gladly pay spot prices in cash.
  2. You're looking at it wrong. What we're facing at some point is a monetary crisis. If the federal reserve keeps creating trillions of dollars out of nothing inflation rages and the dollar's reserve status will be threatened. If they stop the printing presses the economy and asset prices crash. Either way the result is Great Depression part two. Gold and and silver will hold their value and be convertable into (or back) whatever form of currencies may emerge from the wreckage. Central Banks hold gold bullion for a reason. China and Russia have been adding to their gold reserves big time.
  3. It all works out the same in the end. You may pay a lower premium at purchase but also will get a lower premium when you sell. Premiums are very high right now, nothing you can do about that. Anyway, bullion isn't a trading vehicle its a hedge against monetary inflation.
  4. Stay with bullion; American silver/gold eagles or Canadian Maple leafs from the large bullion dealers Like Ampex. I always purchased them in qty of 20 Eagles or 25 Maple Leaf rolls on Ebay, but they sell direct as well. You want something well recognized. American Eagles have higher premiums for that reason. The Maple Leafs on the other hand are .9999 pure silver and have anti-counterfeit security features on their coins now I believe.
  5. I would've canceled the sale and kicked his ass out of my house right then and there.
  6. Exactly. We can be sure the motives behind the changes are not done for the benefit of N.J. firearm owners.
  7. Why did you wait for the denial to call an attorney? Anyway,. I would call Frank Pisano in Montville as suggested above. You've got 30 days to contest the denial.
  8. No, not at all. He just wants to meet up with you, find out what you have and when you plan to use it.
  9. Don't let vanity make the decision. Before you said it looked too masculine? The S&W EZ 9mm is throwing out the same rounds at the same velocities as any other comparable 9mm pistol. You're not going to be making battlefield pick ups and need proficiency with a variety of weapons. The whole history of small arms development has been towards smaller, lighter, faster. The fact that a firearm is easier to operate and keep shots on target is a tactical advantage not something be ashamed of...
  10. You'd ship the item to the sellers FFL and keep a record of the sale for yourself. Some FFL's want a copy of sellers DL if they are not shipping from a FFL. You could also sell on consignment with a local FFL.
  11. Another crisis how convenient. Somebody tell me this wasn't done on purpose, my BS radar says otherwise.
  12. Are you guys having a Biden moment? The OP bailed out of this thread in December and hasn't been seen or heard from since.
  13. "Cargo ship drew giant penis in Red Sea before wedging itself in Suez Canal" https://www.disclose.tv/t/cargo-ship-drew-giant-penis-in-red-sea-before-wedging-itself-in-suez-canal/27201
  14. Oh, forgot to mention, difficult to re-load under stress. Better make sure those six shots count and/or hope there is only one assailant.
  15. The "get a revolver" dinosaurs always pop up in these threads eventually. They want you to get what they like, not what is right for you. Next will be suggestions for a 12 gauge pump shotgun. There is a reason LE switched from revolvers to hi-cap semi-autos decades ago. Revolvers are low capacity, high recoil, with a long heavy 12 pound trigger pull, the opposite of what you were looking for.
  16. The grip safety isn't enough IMO. The EZ has a light short pull hammer fired trigger, great for fast accurate shots. It can easily be removed if you don't want it. I can almost guaranteed you'll find the 43 or 43x pretty harsh, plus they have the weird Glock grip angle and texture. Some people don't mind, for me it was immediate deal killer the first time I picked one up.
  17. No, actually its usually the opposite, same with recoil. The S&W Sheild for example can be nearly impossible to work the slide for some females. The Smith EZ slides are like butter, especially the .380
  18. The Glock 43. 43x is known to be a snappy (sharp recoiling gun). The extra two rounds isn't going to help if you can't keep the gun on target. The Smith 9mm EZ is a smooth shooter, the .380 version even more so. I recommend the thumb safety for the EZ because it is a hammer fired gun with a very light trigger, meaning the hammer is cocked when a round in chambered. The result is excellent trigger but it needs the extra safety to help prevent accidental discharges IMO. Ottomanelllie's in Woodland park or RSTP in Randolph may have some in stock if you want see how they feel but the former may not let you handle their firearms without an FID. Call first. As for FFL's I use Monmouth Arms, its a long drive but well worth it Transfer prices are fair. BTW here is the feminine version: https://www.guns.com/firearms/handguns/semi-auto/smith-&-wesson-m&p-shield-ez-slide-robins-egg-blue-380-acp-semi-auto-8-1-rounds-3-6-barrel-not-specified-new?p=68889
  19. With prices these days rentals with ammo costs can add up quick.
  20. I second the Smith & Wesson M&P EZ 9mm (or .380 version), both 8+1 round capacity. Make sure to get a thumb safety version. Try Steve at Monmouth Arms, he can order it or handle an online sale transfer. https://monmoutharms.com Here is list of online sellers that have it in stock. (Locked and Loaded usually has good service). https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/022188879209 .380 version: https://gun.deals/product/smith-wesson-mp-380-shield-ez-manual-thumb-safety-36599 You would just call or order online like any other purchase then they ship to the FFL dealer you choose, the FFL does the paperwork and transfers firearm to you. Easy peasy.
  21. Yep, typically reaches a peak right before their civilizations are destroyed or collapse.
  22. Hopefully, at some point future generations are going to say: Ugh, tattoos! No way, thats what my parents have. Of course they will likely be on to something even more degenerate at that point, like a bone in their nose.
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