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  1. That was mentioned in the above link, suing for damages: "Here's another idea: Sue the police department, not to obtain your card but, rather, for damages for denying you your rights under the Second Amendment. This “denial” will probably have been for a few weeks or, possibly a few months. How much will a jury decide that such delay is worth, in dollars and cents? Will the case even reach a jury? There is a court-made concept called qualified immunity that precludes recovery against public officials when the right sought to be enforced was one that was not previously “clearly established.” This would be an uphill proposition that could be very expensive. Were we to prevail, however, the court could order the police department to pay reasonable attorney's fees under federal statutes 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and 42 U.S.C. § 1988".
  2. Nice. But concealed carry pistols don't do us much good in N.J. I'll be interested if they extend the improvements to the rest of the M&P line and get rid of the billboard warning on the slides. If you can't conceal carry, a compact or full size pistol makes more sense.
  3. Actually permission for PD's to take their sweet time is law, sort of: https://www.njgunlawyers.com/page.php?here=fidDelays Adler v. Livak, "The Adler court thus sent a strong message to police departments throughout New Jersey. Its message applies to applications for FID cards, as well as to applications to purchase a handgun. That message is, “Officers, there's no hurry. Take your time. Drink your coffee. Except in the most egregious cases, the courts will allow you guys to put applicants' Second Amendment rights on hold." "Adler's takeaway is that, although N.J.S. 2C:58-3d requires processing your FID application (or handgun purchase application) within thirty days, New Jersey courts refuse to enforce that requirement. New Jersey police agencies, aware that courts do not enforce the thirty-day requirement, take their sweet time. Your options then become to wait it out, or to say enough is enough and take the police department to court, or to just give up entirely". "Police know that few people are able to find the time or the money to take them to court. Police also know that even when people do take them to court and win, that “winning” accomplishes nothing more than the judge telling them to process the application. The judge may even give the police additional time to do so. The judge will impose no fine on the police. The judge will impose no requirement to reimburse your counsel fees. The judge will impose no requirement to pay court costs. There will be no official reprimand. For the police, “losing” has no down side at all. Put bluntly, police have no incentive to put down their damn coffee and do their job. And by the time your court hearing date even arrives, police might have completed their processing even without your having contacted the court at all".
  4. Stop, stop you're making me cry, oh that poor woman..
  5. All I got was he is 19 years old. I'm guessing they denied/rescinded it under # 5 - N.J.S. 2C:58-3c (5) To any person where the issuance would not be in the interest of the public health, safety or welfare;
  6. What is the full story on that? I listened to the march 14 podcast and they gave very few details.
  7. There is some truth this. Make too big a stink or come across as an unstable hot head and the FID application could be denied by the chief on that basis. Particularly when applying for the initial FID. Not saying you should kiss their ass just be careful how you deal with them.
  8. My dermatologist is a gun owner and the best Dr. I've ever had. He brought it up in passing talking about coyotes trying to kill his chickens.
  9. I did that too. Summer classes, Winterium classes where you complete a full semester course in under four weeks. Busted my ass taking classes in the summer when everyone was down the shore and the campus was deserted. Wow, haven't thought about that in long time..
  10. I loved it at CCM. The faculty and staff were excellent, friendly and really cared. I made a lot of good friends too, everyone commuted so we were all in the same boat. The career services office was the best for finding jobs I otherwise wouldn't had access to. Once I got to Seton Hall I was just another number and as commuting student out of the loop socially. Their career services office was nothing great and there were a lot of leftist professors. Wasn't a good experience for me and I loaded up on credits and finished in three semesters. Not sure what its like at CCM now, they changed the campus around quite a bit but they have a lot to offer. However choice of major and career field is the absolute critical thing these days. If one gets that part wrong the choice of school and your grades, no matter how good, are nearly worthless.
  11. In my case all of my credits transferred to Seton Hall, a private school BTW, and I changed majors as well. Transferring to a four year school that have a transfer agreements with CCM is not difficult.
  12. Would be nice if a large group of FID applicants got together and made a stink about this. A new generation of aggrieved potential firearm owners in N.J. would be a good thing.
  13. Right. Meaning some PD's were taking their sweet time processing FID applications long before anyone ever heard of coronavirus.
  14. She probably won't like it but there are ways to get a degree without a spending fortune. For example, in my area you can get some four year degrees from Rutgers through the County College of Morris (and as bonus avoid most of the woke/marxists indoctrination). I would've jumped on that if it was offered when I went there. Instead, I had to get an A.S. degree first, then commuted two years to Seton Hall for a B.S.
  15. Did the PD's at any point bother to abide by the 30 day statute?
  16. No doubt they could process FID applications much, much faster but there is zero incentive to do so: They get paid the same no matter what speed they work. Most N.J. PD chief's are big on gun control and the courts and politicians back them up. N.J courts are packed with hardcore leftists, they're not concerned about lawsuits.
  17. Letter to the Chief as mentioned and waiting, they have your file don't worry. Some towns process FID applications quickly others take their sweet time, county doesn't matter. The other option would be contacting a firearms attorney who'd charge big bucks to send a letter to the Chief which may or may not expedite things.
  18. Citing N.J. statutes to the local PD will get you nowhere. To quote NJGF member "Fslater"- "I'm sure almost everyone here already knows this, but the precedent for ignoring the 30 day STATUTE (it is an actual statute) was set by a judge in Camden years ago who ruled public safety supersede the statute, and a card need not be issued or denied until the issuing authority has competed it investigation (without any time limitation what so ever). https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/100166-first-time-gun-applicant-been-over-6-months-bergen-county/ You're only three months in, others have waited five or six months lately. If you're going to contact them again limit it to the Chief only (he signs FID cards), in writing, (no e-mail, no texts). Keep it short and to the point as a follow up to the phone call with him regarding the status of your FID application. Don't bother mentioning the call from the retiree, his prostate was probably acting up that day.
  19. 1981 sounds about right. Mine was a 1994 and had a Police Magnum rollmark and no Wingmaster logo. Beautiful bad ass looking shotgun but the short police forearm stock was awkward, plus it was heavy and kicked hard even with target loads. I still have my Remington 1100 20ga purchased new at Walmart, I'm never selling that..
  20. The above situation is why I can see many people getting to the employer question and not taking their FID application any further. (124gr9mm- Rest assured the calls received and your firearm ownership have all been duly noted in your company personnel file.)
  21. Its way older than 98 with the Wingmaster rollmark and no Police markings Rem Police 870's models did not have fancy grade stocks. That one has a lot of hard miles on it and will probably sell for a riduculous price. I'm still kicking myself for selling a mint in the box Police 870 a year before the panic hit. I would have got double what it sold for.
  22. Contrary to common belief around here some PD's do contact employers, my town is one of them. Its an insidious question and shitty for the PD's to call since employment is supposedly not a condition for approval. That question was deliberately put there to discourage certain people from applying and possibly cause issues with their employer if they do.
  23. Forgot to mention 12ga pump shotgun recoil=brutal. Another thing to consider for HD weapon; what if you just want to investigate some noise or whatever outside the house without revealing you're armed or the neighbors seeing you in the driveway with a shotgun. Handgun can easily be tucked in a back pocket.
  24. I was going to mention that but firing off a N.J. compliant AR with a pinned and welded muzzle brake indoors would likely cause permanent hearing damage.
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