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  1. As Sniper mentioned, don't waste your time quoting statutes. Want to write a letter, fine, keep it short and to the point: "I applied for an FID on XX. What is the status of my application"?
  2. They probably asked for the paystub BS because you sent that respectful certified letter. Likely had a good chuckle about it after they got off the phone too. On PP applications I state self-employed or unemployed.
  3. Some of you people are unbelievable. GB has removed the seller as a registered user meaning it was probably fraudulent. I likely saved several buyers from getting swindled out of a few thousand dollars (I was almost one of them) and I get told to mind my own business. Gunbroker doesn't have the buyer protections in place Ebay has. Sellers can request money order only as payment. Had the buyers mailed off their $600+ MO's they would have got ripped off as "15636215" was. His listings were word for word lifted from previous completed sales right down to the description regarding condition and modifications with no mention that the photos were not of the actual item for sale. The low "Buy it Now" price was part of the bait, along with some suspicious bidders.
  4. ??? He just opened his account today and had at least three listings that were duplicates of completed listings of other sellers with "buy it now" prices well below market prices.
  5. Yeah. I did a little more digging, his listings were lifted, photos and descriptions, word for word from past completed GB auctions. Looked like some shill bidding was going on as well. I submitted it to GB customer support. Some guy just purchased this: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/891620786 Here is the original: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/890745090 I'm not worried about GB, I don't want to see people get ripped off.
  6. A brand new seller on GB with no feedback got me suspicious. He has four no reserve auctions, all with below market "buy it now" prices and two bidders with bids on two of his items, one with zero feedback. The clincher was he was using a photo lifted from a Sportsmans Supply auction, a big seller on GB. How can this seller be reported to GB?
  7. He said it in his reply to your suggestion of shipping to an FFL, apparently after getting nowhere trying to find what he wanted in stock locally: "So, I've visited 3 around me, all local and 2 of them said that they're too busy. The 3rd said that they only work with Buds. I'm going to try and get to Shooters in South Jersey Wednesday and see if they can help me do that. Seems like they all didn't want to be bothered".
  8. Op was trying to arrange an FFL transfer and they turned him down.
  9. I'd be surprised if you can't get Steve at Monmouth Arms to respond. He always answered the phone or replied to emails for me, even outside of his business hours.
  10. Don't waste time and money with shops that aren't interested in your business.
  11. I second the recommendation for Monmouth Arms. Not close to me but well worth the drive.
  12. If you can't use the permit at another FFL order what you want online and have it shipped to the original FFL and then don't use that place again in the future. That was a dumb move on their part.
  13. What FFL? They should have offered to ship it to another FFL.
  14. Things like that have happened you know. Ship it home?
  15. Buy rifles. Concealed carry isn't allowed in N.J. anyway.
  16. PSA could legally ship it to a N.J. FFL but they won't, nor will many other out of state sellers. For example, CDNN will not ship any AR parts to N.J.
  17. The OP didn't say the rifle would be his primary HD weapon, he has a 9mm handgun so maybe that is his primary HD tool and he's looking for an AR in case Antifa rolls into the neighborhood.
  18. On second thought what the OP really needs is a belt fed MG, crew served if possible so his wife can get in on the action.
  19. A six shot revolver verses an assailant with possibly 11-18 rounds in a semi-auto? What about multiple assailants? Why put yourself at such a disadvantage??
  20. No offense, but for SD better make that first shot count with a pump shotgun. A determined assailant with a semi-auto handgun or AR could get off multiple rounds before you even got the second shell chambered. Multiple armed assailants, good luck. Kyle Rittenhouse would probably be dead or talking funny right now had he been armed with a pump shotgun.
  21. What is the law regarding AR pistols in N.J. Could S&W's new M&P15 pistol be made N.J compliant? https://www.alloutdoor.com/2020/12/15/smith-wesson-introduces-new-mp15-pistol/
  22. Bomber


    Probably they're keeping their firearm ownership quiet. Outside of a couple of trusted friends I don't discuss what I own or don't own with anyone. IMO anonymity (what little is possible these days) is important, you might want to be careful with personally identifiable info publicly posted. Use the messaging feature for that stuff.
  23. Last time I checked HD or tactical style shotgun prices were crazy as well, along with 12 ga 00 buckshot ammo. Even beat up Remington 870 police trade-ins were selling on Gunbroker for big bucks with multiple bidders.
  24. He is looking for his first battle rifle. Pistol carbines, 10/22, etc. can be added later..
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