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  1. So you've submitted the application and answered yes? Therefore, unless it can be withdrawn you'll most likely be denied. If you end up with an FID denial on your record you'll have pay the $750 anyway then reapply to get it cleared Sorry, but if you've found a Dr. that is willing to write a letter satisfying the Middletown PD just fork over and be done with it. Others have paid much more for expungements in order to secure an FID.
  2. I'd list on Gunbroker with Fat minimum bid and see what happens. Let some Glock collector who will appreciate have it. The bidding wars on that site are crazy these days. Current production S&W M&P 9mm EZ's are selling for $6-7-800 regularly. Colt AR's, tactical shoguns also crazy prices.
  3. Dems probably figured best not to push their luck for now. They've already got a good chunk of their wish list: Millionaires tax, permanent corporate tax increase, 5 billion to the pension fund, mail-in voting, gas tax and parkway toll hike, not a bad year. Now they just wait for the mail-in voting to pay off.
  4. Oh, I don't think they're dumb. Murphy is the most dangerous governor N.J. has ever seen. However, I can't see Sweeney bucking Murphy at this point, they're probably amazed at what he's gotten away with the last six months IMO. The mail-in voting is the whole ball game (along with their other changes to voting eligibility;, parolees. illegal aliens, etc). If N.J. Dems win big in November tipping points will be irrelevant.
  5. Its not about the money, just another brick in wall of gun control. And they don't care about getting sued, the goal is get it signed into law and ask questions later. Best case scenario, but highly unlikely, the fees are reduced more inline with inflation. Then Murphy comes back next year with renewable FID cards. If he wins re-election all bets are off, expect a N.J. safe act. Sorry to be so pessimistic.
  6. Right. These people are not stupid, they know those that can will leave and revenues will fall short of projections. The milllionaries tax is just for openers. Increasing the sales tax is next on Murphy's wish list.
  7. I would say its a done deal. Gun permit fees are small potatoes compared to the millionaires tax. Anyone think Sweeney is going to buck Murphy after the rampage Murphy has gotten away with the past six months. They're all probably in awe of him right now.
  8. Suffice it to say, if the legislators agree to the millionaire tax everything else Murphy wants in this budget is a done deal as well.
  9. Multiple attackers at close quarters can happen in HD situations, not much different from urban combat How about best home defense rifle.
  10. I think the Kenosha riots settled the "best" HD weapon argument as far as I'm concerned One kid with an AR scatters a swarming angry mob while being attacked on the ground- Case closed
  11. Another thing against a pump action shotgun for a primary HD: Can female family members handle a pump shotgun. For a primary HD weapon you want something high capacity (10+1 RD in N.J.), able to be operated with one hand, and easy for female shooters to use if necessary. Pump shotgun doesn't fit the bill. The recent riots show they're armed and come in numbers, so time for a serious re-assessment regarding HD weapons IMO. Same goes for home invasions, almost always multiple attackers.
  12. Pump action shotgun would not be my choice for a primary HD weapon. That role goes to a modern semi-auto 9mm handgun. Back up would be an AR rifle. Watch the Kyle Rittenhouse videos and imagine yourself in his place on the ground trying to rack a pump action shotgun. If you absolutely must have a shotgun at least get a semi-auto that you can take to the range and not get beat up by the punishing recoil of a 12 ga. pump action.
  13. That was Chris Christie's going away present to the Dems. What a gift, they get their gas tax hikes automatically yet can forever blame Christie. One of, if not the most, stupid unnecessary things he did. His term was up in a few months, he didn't have to do anything, he could have let Murphy and the Dems own the gas tax hike, but noooo..
  14. The FID in hand is not necessary to order firearms online. The item gets shipped to an FFL who retains possession until the transfer. Simply complete the purchase online, item is shipped to your FFL who then holds it until your paper work is ready to complete the transfer/NICS process. (Note; some online sellers may ask for a copy of your FID, its not required and I would avoid them). I recommended Monmouth Arms, because they will hold online purchases free of charge I believe and do the compliance work;. One stop shopping. As for 5.56mm ammo it can be had, although prices are way up. This seller usually has a good supply and doesn't hassle N.J. buyers https://www.gunbroker.com/item/877472498 If you sign up at GB a completed item a search can be done for final sales prices
  15. AR-15 rifles can still be found online although prices are at premium these days. Try searching https://www.gunbroker.com or https://gun.deals Have it shipped to http://www.monmoutharms.com for the transfer and compliance work. If I was in the market right now I'd grab this Bushmaster M4 LE trade-in. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/877704787 Excellent condition for a trade in: Side sling swivel, light, detachable carry handle, chrome lined M4 barrel, can't believe this hasn't sold yet.
  16. http://www.monmoutharms.com would be my first and only choice for a gun shop, others can help with ranges. Please don't listen to the dinosaurs recommending revolvers as a first or primary self defense handgun. Revolvers: The good- Classic beautiful pieces of craftsmanship (vintage models at least), badass looks, accurate, hold or increase in value.. The bad: Low capacity, heavy, high recoil (especially .357 Mag), difficult to reload in high stress situations, long heavy DA trigger pull, pricey ammo. Hobby/range gun to add to your collection later on okay, first defensive handgun no, IMHO To order online try https://gun.deals and https://www.gunbroker.com
  17. Yeah, the media dumped that whole story ASAP. If the circumstances were turned around the Dems would have been falling over themselves to pass laws named in honor of the victim.
  18. True. However, I always think about the car jacking where that guy was shot in head in front of his wife at the Short Hills mall. Might have been a far better outcome had he been armed. Classic case in favor of CCW
  19. I think firearm ownership would at least double in N.J. if CCW were ever allowed, especially these days. Way too many hoops to jump through to purchase in N.J. then have to leave it home.
  20. Left off a big one:: Concealed Carry not allowed.
  21. This one is not so much about the money just an opportunity to kick N.J. gun buyers in the head. Expect it to pass this time, Dems have corona virus cover now. The big money comes from the $4.4 billion he wants to borrow and hand over to the state pension fund.
  22. if I left that line blank or put a big" N/A" most likely I'd be getting a call from the local PD asking questions. And my town is pretty easy with PP applications I think.
  23. Yeah, but new FID applicants unfamiliar with the process won't know they may not call. FYI last time I applied for a PP my employer was contacted. The time before that they didn't t call, so things can change randomly.
  24. All by design to discourage gun ownership and working pretty good so far. (Although 130,000 N.J. residents applied for a FID so far this year, more than 2018-19 combined). The employer contact info alone probably is probably a deal killer for some people. Having the local PD call up your place of employment doesn't look good, especially these days. And after jumping through the many hoops concealed carry isn't allowed anyway.
  25. People in Puerto Rico were out over three months and running gen sets on gasoline, sucks but it can be done. (Cold weather operation would be more challenging for sure). One guy had well over 1000 hrs on his Briggs Storm Resp. Gen set.
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