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  1. So, quick question: For those who submitted to the courts and are still waiting, are you not able to submit another app to your township/local PD and ask for a refund from the state?
  2. It looks like Permitium has implemented the new non resident rule that states non residents have to apply in person. It was supposed to start 4/1 as posted on the permit page but people have had this happen since the weekend.
  3. Are there any other counties in PA that still accept online non resident applications?
  4. Lol… typo.. fixed it to reflect correct dates… and yes, i do drive a DeLorean… but i ran out of banana peels to power the flux…
  5. Timeline for Camden County Feb 8 - App Submitted to Cherry Hill Pd Feb 22 - fingerprinting done Feb 28 - references called Mar 8 - approved and picked up Delco: Feb 12 - Online App Submitted Feb 27 - Got Email for NJ PTC requirement Mar 8 - uploaded NJ PTC after picking up Mar 9 - received approved email Mar 10 - picked up.
  6. Has anyone applied for a PTC after the Dec 22 changes? What has you experience been like? Pls share…
  7. Anybody on here that’s gotten approved from Cherry Hill?
  8. Hey fellas… sorry to hijack the post but this is the is the only post i’ve seen that is specifically from cherry hill. If there is another, pls let me know… anyway, reason for the post is that I am trying to find out if anyone has gotten approved for a CCW here in Cherry Hill? Has anyone been approved or anyone you know?
  9. So according to this, it’s $200 to apply for the CCW in Cherry Hill. So is it $50 money order to the nj treasury + separate $150 to the department? Or $200 money order together?
  10. Is there a new form yet for people who did not submit before the new laws?
  11. Hey fellas. Just came back from a vacation out of country and I come back to this BS new law… i was hoping y’all could hell me with a couple questions: 1. Since i have not submitted an application before they signed the new law, do i now need a new application form? I have all the requirements ready, the old form where 3 references are needed, i just need to get it notarized. 2. Do i go to fingerprinting before the PD or PD first? 3. Where do you guys recommend i get liability insurance? thanks for your help… if this belongs somewhere else, pls direct me as there’s so much information out there it’s confusing…
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