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  1. Ran my NICS on a Monday afternoon, was tagged Delayed on Tuesday, and got it back clear on Thursday.
  2. Not to discourage you or anything but I been waiting since Monday.
  3. Hey fellas, any updates on the delays for NICS? How long are expected wait times nowadays?
  4. To be honest with you, I didn’t realize that it was included there either. I guess maybe it wasn’t obvious. Or maybe just a checkbox to consent to a mental health check. Thus the need to verify with the patrolman. If you have doubts, you can always contact your local PD.
  5. Yash, When I processed mine, the Mental Health Form was included in the Online application form. The patrolman in charge of the applications verified that as of right now, due to Covid, there is no separate form for it.
  6. There should be two separate tick boxes for a P2P and the FID on the online form. Make sure you tick both or you won’t get a P2P.
  7. Anybody here from Evesham Twp? It’s been about a month since i submitted My application, after a week i submitted the 7 dollars payment and copies of my DL and SS card. About a week from that i received an email saying all my stuff was in (fingerprinting, mental health check, crim background). Haven’t heard anything since then. Should I call the station? I emailed the patrolman that’s processing these applications but have not heard back.
  8. Anybody here from Evesham Twp? Marlton specifically?
  9. Hey guys, another question regarding getting the FID and P2Ps... How long does it take nowadays to get the FIC and P2P?
  10. Good day. I have started my process to become a firearm owner. So far, i’ve done the online application, my references are done, fingerprinting is done. Now i think I have to pay for my FID and P2P. Only thing is, they say i have to do it dropbox style outside the PD. I just need help verifying a few things since the PD isn’t being too helpful and they are running a skeleton crew because of the COVID situation. So i they said I need to pay by check the $7.00 for FID and P2P. Also, they said I need my FARS number? Where do I find that? Also, is there anything else i need to send in with the payment? Like drivers license and/or Social? Thanks for the help in advance!
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