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  1. Okay thats good info. I think I will be buying new. I personally don't like buying used from bad past experience.
  2. That is my priority when i choose who to vote for.
  3. Wow, thanks for this info! That's a drive, but i dont mind the drive to buy it. I'm going to def stop by and see if they have it or see other rifles.
  4. Its a specific brand. I'm looking at the Sig M400 Tread or the MCX Virtus. The Tread has a collapsing stock while the MCX has a foldable stock.
  5. Do you know if the process is a headache?
  6. Yea what i'm looking at is the rifle has a collapsing stock so that would make it "illegal" in NJ. I'll have to get the weapon with a fixed stock and I was wondering if I could get a gunsmith or a dealer to swap out the stock.
  7. So i'm looking to buy a rifle, but galleryofguns.com seem to have the rifle as restricted. Is there a way I can have the rifle made NJ compliant? Is it possible for me to have it sent to a gunsmith outside of NJ and have him make it compliant? Or can I have a gunsmith in NJ get the rifle and do the work for me?
  8. Yea i'm looking at a specific rifle and pistol. Just deciding which i'm going to buy first. Since I didn't apply for a P2P, it looks like I'll buy the rifle. Thanks for the info!
  9. That sounds great! I was hoping there was a system like that in place. Do you know if you would pay extra fee's if someone had to do that?
  10. I live in Hudson County, i''m willing to travel upwards of an hour away to find a good gun store/range. Me and my brother already have a range in PA where he lives so we usually go there, but i'm hoping to find a place near me where I can shoot weekly. Thanks for that! I'll keep that page tabbed to look for guns.
  11. Do you know of any websites for me to check? I found one but seems like an eBay where you bid on guns. Or would you purchase from the manufacturer directly and then give all that info to the manufacturer? Would I be able to go to a gun dealer and have him order the firearm for me? I'm sorry but I've only bought a pistol in Alaska so I bought a gun from a guy and did a bill of sale and that was the only gun transaction I've ever done.
  12. Hey guys! Army vet here, I was wondering if someone can help me with trying to purchase a firearm. I'm waiting for my FID and I've been doing research on what rifles I want to buy. How do I go about buying a rifle that say my local dealership doesn't have? Is there a way to have a rifle purchased online and delivered to my local dealer as long as they are aware?
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