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  1. I don't need a ton of space and I have a family friend that works at Honda. Im debating them now. Their krv is the same price as the mazda 3. Mazda has a lower sticker value and bunch of bs fees. They both can leave the lot at 27k with similar years and miles. I'll pick honda every time!
  2. How do you feel about mazda? I'm going to put 50k miles on a year. Yes. I'm looking at all Japanese cars. I'm in food sales so I'm driving long days.
  3. Any point in even haggling? What types of extras could I ask for? Tips? Heading to a dealership today to pick up a commuter car
  4. Ironically enough I can also see this adding to kids doing these shooting sprees. The amount of Netflix docs on nutjobs murderers is insane. It's essentially glorified.
  5. I had some democratic town candidates come to my door lol. Twice actually. Screamed down to them that no democrats live here.
  6. Honestly I think it might. Kids today are so emotionally fragile. I know 20 year Olds who get nervous ordering food at the drive through. I'm gunna sound older then I am but I think being raised on tv and computers is just destroying these people's perception.
  7. If the benefits are significant I can go out of budget. What makes the t2 better in your opinion?
  8. I actually haven't tried a red dot. I think I do have a minor astigmatism. I have a spitfire prism that works well but I want something more durable or reliable. I'll look into your suggestion. It looks nice, how's the window size? Do you feel like there are blind spots?
  9. No I'm flexible. I adjusted my post. Originally I was just going to get a prism and leave out iron sights but I decided to get irons now (they're cheaper) and Sav e for a nicer red dot. One thing I do like about the aimpoints is the Lens covers. Dirty or scratched lenses will drive me nuts.
  10. I bought fold down iron sights also. Just need an optic. Leaning heavily towards an aimpoint pro or duty. Anything else I should look at?
  11. I just picked up the Daniel defense in the classifieds. Now I need an optic and a sling. I'm looking to keep the optic around 600 And the sling around or under 100. I like prism/etched reticle optics and I don't really want anything magnified. Im not set on that though as i have irons more. The gun will be mostly for fun but used for a zombie apocalypse. I want a durable and reliable optic, I have no vision seeing.
  12. I've went through a few thousand rounds of it. It's fine for plinking. Had no malfunctions that I can recall.
  13. Thank you for the smooth transfer! Pleasure man!
  14. Awesome! I pmd my phone number, call or text and I can meet you somewhere. Thank you!
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