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  1. I knew this would happen in Middlesex. This place is the worst
  2. I'm hoping you're right. I got my prints done Saturday morning.
  3. The person at identigo in staten Island told me 2 weeks? 24 to 48 hours sounds much better to me though lol.
  4. There's 78 pages of comments in which 3 are useful. How far back do I need to go for that answer?
  5. What type of maintenance do you guys do besides cleaning? Any replacement of springs? How many rounds should go through a gun until it's considered not as reliable. I have over 5000 through my cz shadow and I've had zero issues but I like to train with the gun I will be hopefully carrying.
  6. This. Go to a range, rent a few guns, and pick the one you can hit the target with.
  7. Vp9sk. It comes with the extended finger rest on the magazine and the grip is large enough to actually hold. Get a good holster and a baggy shirt and you can conceal it well.
  8. I scored 98 with my hk vp9sk. I pulled one cause I was trying to rush and head to work. I actually heard someone say once they get to 25 yards it's better to miss big. Since there wont be a hole on the paper the instructor could say it went through one of the first ones (pending you punch a big enough hole on the first 25 or so shots)
  9. Ok so I have those. I was told my case code was nj121700ccw? Does that even sound right? Should I have my own specific case number?
  10. I just dropped off my paperwork at piscataway but the CODE i was given isn't working on identigo. Left a message for clarification. Anyone know the code for pway?
  11. I'm bringing copies and the originals. Time to make this happen
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