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  1. I'm fairly sure it's spring related. I did have 1 light primer strike with my other cz at steel challenge. The guys at the steel competition are saying it's most likely a worn out hammer spring. The cz that fails more often has significantly more rounds through it. I bought a new extending firing pin, firing pin spring and hammer spring. I'll throw those in there and report back.
  2. I took some pictures. It's happened now with a few different ammos. Google is telling me these have "harder primers." The weirdest part, is it's only happening on double action. I can't figure out pics, but it's definitely light primer strikes. It's happened on the following ammo Seller and bellot Zqi Remington. Federal/jello shots/outdoor munitions have been going off without any issues. I'm going to replace the firing pin and spring, but I think it may be time for a new hammer spring too.
  3. Truthfully, alot of "basic" prep work in kitchens would be difficult (or just very expensive) to automate. Even things which seem as simple as cutting herbs in fine dining restaurants could be tough. Knives should be razor sharp (you would have to continously strop or sharpen blades), handle the herbs with care so you dont bruise them, be able to pick out ones that aren't beautiful etc. I'm also curious what happens when a machine goes down. People won't keep the skills that have been automated. I'm sure someone's working on it, but I think we're a good way away when it comes to fine dining. If you walk into a 3 Michelin star restaurant, you'll see 30 cooks. Not to mention, each machine would have to have an array of skills. Where I worked, menus changed monthly. Can the machine adjust? Maybe with AI. The other day I saw a robotic dog walking around nyc. Apparently its a test for future police dogs. Who knows what the future brings lol.
  4. In fine dining restaurants, I don't have high hopes any time soon. I would assume fast casual/fast food would replace as soon as possible. There's alot more elements of fine dining that would be difficult to control with robots in my opinion. Perfectly cooked food requires constant attention to your heat source and every piece to be the exact same size (which in nature isn't normal), seasoning food properly (will a robot be able to distinguish there needs to be less salt on a thinner piece of skirt steak, or the tail end of salmon). With that said, AI is pretty remarkable and it seems their making exponential gains on it. At this rate, it may be next year lol. I also question how older Chefs will react to technology changes in the kitchen. I think the new generation would be fine, but I can't even get the old school chefs to put their order in online.
  5. You're not including time and 1/2 and not considering 50 hours as a cook is a light week. At 50 hours it's about 83k. Looks like i did my math for 55 hours/week which is a much more realistic average throughout the year.
  6. Having worked in restaurants for over 15 years, this would probably equate to 55/60k. I've never met anyone in hospitality that only works a 40 hour work week. It's still like this. I get offered jobs all the time from places looking for Chefs. I was getting paid 65k during the pandemic as the Chef de Cuisine of a top restaurant. The other day I was at a meeting at a hotel in NY. They are paying close to 29 an hour for cooks. At 50 hours, which is a light week for a cook, they're making about 83k. At 55 hours it's about 95k. Edited for lazy math
  7. Probably a bit more than I can take on at the moment but thank you.
  8. Work bench This the one? I'd love to see a picture of the set up. I could make this size work still.
  9. I'm just tight on space, and this guy seems to fold up pretty well.
  10. Anyone use a table like this? https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1012719865?pid=629993&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=%5BADL%5D_%5BPMAX%5D_%5BCategory%5D_Reloading&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwi_exBhA8EiwA_kU1MoKNR-BoT2VJxp0huuXO7jEpHrnB33XiQTyD5KUeMrZmNhTEYrp9WRoCWBcQAvD_BwE Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand
  11. How is this for cleaning brass? This really is a rabbit hole. Lyman Case Cleaning Kit with 1200 Pro Tumbler https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1026475913?pid=169576&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Reloading+-+Metallic+Reloading+Equipment&utm_content=169576&srsltid=AfmBOoqhtRNFJjBqf2J1By_65OTczlcmWEzIpMwEBLzp7VsYAvvw3f4RVlc
  12. You know nothing about me lol. I frequently watch auditors and call out bad policing when I see it. Im not even agreeing what the cop did was the perfect decision. The point I'm making is that an atv at that speed hitting a person on a path would kill someone. Freedom doesn't include breaking the law and endangering the life of people walking by. He's free to do that dumb sht where he can legally do so. If the atv driver is going so fast he can't avoid a cop car, then he certainly can't stop before hitting a person. I gurantee if your son or daughter was hit by some moron on an atv and paralyzed for the rest of his life, you wouldn't be complaining about "big brother." So you acted like a responsible adult. Why would you write this guy a free pass? Not terribly logical.
  13. For the sake of argument, if this was a car speeding down the street with the same speed, would you expect a cop to not intervene? Would it still just be a fine?
  14. It's not really a road. It's supposed to just be open to pedestrian traffic. "Farnum Drive has been open to just pedestrian traffic since 2020. A large number of people, including families with children, were in the area." Voy beat me to it.
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