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  1. That's extremely kind but I promised my wife I would watch the little one since she wanted to pick up an extra shift at the hospital. 2023 hasn't been brutal financially, so we are both picking up as many hours as possible. I'd bring the little one, but I don't think she'll be very good at 5 months lol. I'm definitely in on the next one! I'll even pick up some clays next time so I have em on hand.
  2. I am a no go this time. The body shop is still waiting for parts to fix my car. Count me in for it warmer weather one!
  3. I'm 90 percent in, but I've never done this before, nor do I have a shotgun. I also was in a car accident last week and am hoping it's fixed in time to drive out there. How much ammo and clays do people normally run through?
  4. I'm totally fine with that. I like my carry gun. I just don't want to fill out any more paperwork for a few weeks lol.
  5. I was told I have to carry the one guy I started with anyways. Is the court order no longer enforced? It's like a second job keeping up with all the changes.
  6. I guess I have to sub to this thread. I never filled our sp182a but the Detective in charge of Piscataway said I was good with sp182. I guess I'll fill it out and send it in tomorrow to avoid any bs.
  7. Yeah, regardless it's lame that 20 extra shooters can't shoot because people are shooting 2 guns. Not to mention, members of the club the events at should get some priority. I debate the benefit of even keeping the membership there at this point.
  8. I love old bridge but it's so hard to get signed up now. These events full up almost immediately. I wish they'd only let people run one gun for steel challenge.
  9. Theyre out. There is one at shore shot.
  10. Lol are those her real qualifications? I never know anymore.
  11. I'm seeing ammo shortage warnings on every Instagram page. I just bought a bunch of .22lr to hold me over. Gunna be a long year or 2.
  12. I went with this one instead. https://aimsurplus.com/products/surefire-procomp-5-56-223-muzzle-brake-1-2x28 I have to be honest, I never notice much of a difference.
  13. Might as well follow up with this here. This should be nj legal muzzle device. No flash suppression etc. https://deadairsilencers.com/product/keymount-muzzle-brake/ Are we good here?
  14. Does my upper have to be shipped to a gunsmith if I purchase one that isn't immediately nj legal? Can an upper be illegal if detached from the lower? Every upper I want comes with "illegal" muzzle devices.
  15. Dumb question, how important is power factor when shooting pins? I bought some jello shot ammo (147 grain, 890fps) and I wanted to try it.
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