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  1. I have a few bucks I'm looking to invest. Any blue chips you guys really like?
  2. Anybody by the stocks helping with the Trump app? Phun and dwac. God I wish I did. Up 1000 and 100 percent each.
  3. This sounds awesome. I wish I had seen this earlier. I'm going to pm you.
  4. Also this sounds fun, what ranges do this?
  5. I would be doing steel challenge mostly with it so there's no rush to change mags. As long as it feeds and fires reliably I'd be happy.
  6. It's hard to transport things when you're wearing skinny jeans.
  7. Cheflife15


    Bitcoin looks like it might hit a new all time high soon! Don't want to jynx it but I think it keeps going up.
  8. I think rtsp is doing a free rental. I was sent a coupon in my email. I'm sure you could ask for one.
  9. Yall are missing the point of this thread. We should be talking about the ones we buy before they take off lol. I want my portfolio to smile more too!
  10. I'm picked up bandwidth, sofi, and crisper. Holding them all long term.
  11. Cheflife15


    If you're not investing in crypto you're doing it wrong. Bitcoin and ethereum among the best. Look at the growth of those two alone over 10 years. They are becoming widely accepted. They're used by PayPal, venmo, etc. It will certainly be part of the future.
  12. Nice. I was guna use a high point for steel challenge just to mess around but that gun feeds like crap. I just want something less expensive to run a ton of rounds through without feeling guilty.
  13. I'm trying to gauge the size from the pictures. You think it would make a decent home defense gun? I'm either going to turn it into a home defense gun or a steel challenge gun, 2 very different things lol.
  14. Also how's the take down and cleaning?
  15. Curious if you have any more updates. I'm browsing more guns I don't need and this one still seems awesome .
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