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  1. My baby is due to be born on the 15th so im on call with the wife. Baby will be too small to shoot a shotgun. I would love to get to the next one!
  2. I have a primary arms red dot and my buddy has the micro prism. Everything I've seen from them seems to work well.
  3. A little ironic considering this happened days after courts couldn't prove ccw holders were an issue.
  4. I would avoid those like the plague. Any gun range or gun seller that can't respect our right to legally carry doesn't deserve your money.
  5. I didn't know ffls charge you for this stuff. I have a pretty good relationship with my local one and they generally go out of their way to not charge me for certain services. I'd get a new ffl .
  6. I went with this. I read a bunch of reviews and it seemed to be perfect for what I'm looking for. The big selling point was that it seems to be the lightest (not by much). I had spinal surgery so every oz counts.
  7. What’s your use parameter? - Indoor or outdoor? Both - Range gun or defensive use? Defensive - Average distance for shooting? usually under 100 yards • How bright do you actually want it? (I’m a believer in “give me all of the lumens!”) i want it as bright as possible as well. • Do you want throw or reach? Somewhere in between. • Do you want a hotspot in the center or an even distribution? Even distribution • Do you want a clearly defined edge/aura or do you want it to “fade out” at the edge? Doesn't matter • Where do you want to mount it? I would mount it on the front left by my angled grip • What’s your intended “switchology” solution? Haven't looked into this. I have no training on it at the moment so I'm learning a new movement regardless. Then find the light that best suits them. Then get some training on how to use the light. It’s not as easy or intuitive as you may think.
  8. I'm looking for a solid rifle light. I'm really looking for durability above everything. I'm stuck between the cloud defensive rein 3 and a surefire. It'll go on my shtf rifle. Price isn't a huge issue but I'm big in value for performance.
  9. I've seen these at good prices. You stand behind this brand?
  10. Welcome to the club! Just check the door when you go in stores. It has to be clearly marked no firearms. https://gunforhire.com/nj-ccw-permit/ If you scroll down it has a solid break down of where is good and where you shouldn't carry
  11. I'm glad I did the right thing in my 20s by paying things off on time so I can help pay for those that "live love laugh."
  12. That's the crazy thing. I'm blessed enough to be in good financial shape (i was a chef so i didnt have too many student loans) but the simple thought of even buying anything any time soon seems crazy. 2600/ month for a 350000 townhome with over 25 percent down just doesn't seem worth it. My wife's family is the only thing keeping me here.
  13. This. I don't get how people are missing this lol. There's a reason my parents were able to buy a home while working 40 hour weeks and making far less than average. The main reason I started this thread was for educated insight about future predictions.
  14. Yup. I have to be honest. I don't know how the average person is buying right now. My wife and I are blessed to have jobs that pay wayyyy over any average income in this state and still can't stomach pain 2500/ monthly plus for a townhome with over 20% down.
  15. The wifey and I have a baby coming in the next few months so we've been browsing the housing market again. Seems like everything I read gives me a different opinion of what will be happening. Any educated guesses? I know rates won't drop back to 2 percent but will prices actually come down? I saw a 385k house today that is smaller than my 1 bedroom apartment. No idea what the right move Is..
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