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  1. Everything is better online but its good to support your local shops as well. I try to do both.
  2. I dint know that specific township but everything I've seen in stores is 30 to 35 dollars a box.
  3. Personally i love my 2 czs. Maybe ill make a Smith my next one. Maybe an m and p next?
  4. Anyone know a central jersey gun smith that can look at this? I dont love the idea of taking apart the gun. Feel like i could do more damage than good.
  5. Based off that pic thats what you're thinking too right? My next gun is a glock 36. No more walthers for me. Now time to find a walther spring!
  6. Ive actually never detail stripped but it looks like the spring is broken after googling pics of it. Is this an easy fix?
  7. This gun and its slide lock is such a pain in the ass. Now the gun stays open when there is no magazine in there if i rack the slide. Its not a grip thing. Any ideas what could cause this now?
  8. Also lets say i miss one, whats the worse that could happen? A jam? Worse?
  9. So with this said, alot of these rounds that dont fit in the walther fit in my sp01 chamber with no issue. So, pending they pass this test in the sp01 barrel, they should be good to fire in that gun right.
  10. Ok so if it gets even kind of stuck, dont use it. Thank you for the help!
  11. When it comes to inspecting, in the round drops into the chamber properly, its good to go right? Theres a bunch that simply are sized wrong. Im hoping they offer to take this crap back or credit me partially. Well see.
  12. Its the top one, then its on the right in the other pics. Seems like the diameter of the brass is a bit larger I shot them an email. Lets see what they say.
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