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  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.com/Hearing-Armor-Earplugs-Medium/dp/B088TFT1XN&ved=2ahUKEwiIpK3wloPrAhUSVN8KHS_ADdsQFjAAegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw1ocB6mC-2b_J3jExbGYfzx That should work. My phones a pita. It opens the amazon app when I get to the website.
  2. Just updating, i purchased these and they're amazing. Great protection, comfortable and they stay in place. Might pick up an extra pair just incase.
  3. Nice, keep getting people involved. I helped 2 of my chef friends get moving on the paperwork over the last month.
  4. Anyone have a reliable guy in Jersey that's reasonably priced? Im in the central jersey area but will drive if the price is right.
  5. Who's doing hot yoga when it's 99 degrees out. Yogas tough enough in a cool room, just my 2 cents
  6. Welcome, did you buy anything yet?
  7. Im looking for standalone ear protection.
  8. Geez, for this price it better make me a better shooter too!
  9. Seems like they have multiple different types. Which one are you referring to?
  10. Im assuming i didn't if this is the case! I definately had the plugs, maybe my fitting was off. Im gunna try the hearing armor and report back. Thank you
  11. I tried those and they were terrible. It sounded like i was shooting without them.
  12. What's your favorite in ear ear protection? Preferable something off amazon so I can return it if I'm not into it. Thank you.
  13. I have the money for a house, i only moved back to help them finish their last few years of payments. I plan on proposing in September abd purchasing a house around december/jan. In the mean time id sublet. I could leave my address and firearm card under the old address as thats a non issue (i paid a good portion of the house). I hppe this makes sense here.
  14. Ok so i moved home to help my mom and dad financially as they were struggling. Im getting engaged and thus moving out but I will be staying with a friend until me and the fiance buy a house. So i will be in essence renting a roon from a friend but i can say my address is the same. The important part was having my guns at the room where i am staying.
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