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  1. I see lots of dry fire In my future!
  2. Yeah target sports has become useless. Theyre consistently sold out. How long are you guys predicting this will be like this?
  3. Im seeing prices for 9mm at 72 cents online. Heritage guild in pa is selling boxes for like 22 but its usually just 1 box.
  4. Sorry for your loss. 49 is far too young. Prayers
  5. Can't find either for less than 150. It's just for plinking with a hi point carbine.
  6. Just looking for a budget red dot sight for a cheap carbine. Would like to keep it under 90 and would he ideal to get off amazon.
  7. You can send me some Did you verify yourself on coinbase? Seems like I'm giving alot of info to an app.
  8. Yeah im pretty amped about this light. I have to chill with buying gun things for a while. I have a wedding to pay for and a mortgage coming up. Only ammo and range time and that's it for 2021
  9. Agh missed that. Let me watch that video. I ordered one in the middle of service tonight.
  10. I The A should work on a metal gun though right?
  11. Yeah these are certainly aggressively priced. I might save for it and appreciate your response.
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