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  1. How does this translate to the online ammo ban? Im praying that doesnt happen. Asking as a newb.
  2. Its just like when a criminal breaks into your home here, better just run and hide rather than protect those you love. Nj sucks.
  3. @High Exposure great shooting. Yeah im looking for baselines for drawing from the holster, 10 yards out, 15 yards out and moving from target to target. Im essentially trying to push myself to be more accurate so I get better at steel competetions.
  4. What do you mean by a cloverleaf? Im not familiar with that term.
  5. What is considered a good group at say 7 yards, 10 yards, 15 , 25? Maybe we can make this a thread about range trip pics. What gun you're shooting, distance, picture of target.
  6. I think we should name the ffls and their prices. Nothing wrong with helping forum members save money.
  7. Luckily me and the fiance have great credit. If only there was any inventory.
  8. Awesome. I have a tool set and im gunna give it a go. I just wanted to make sure i had a backup plan. Im fairly confident i can handle it.
  9. Im looking to replace my walther ppq trigger with a flat one. Its a drop in trigger (probably the apex). I want to do it myself but im also curious if anyone knows any shops that would do it? Approximate cost? Ive seen videos online of it being done in like 12 minutes. Im really asking incase i screw it up and need to bring it somewhere to fix it.
  10. Im a member of oldbridge rifle and pistol club. Honestly i have to google the difference between clays,skeet, trap, sporting. I saw the guys shooting clays in the morning and thought that looks fun, let me use some of my biden bucks on a shotgun! Ill be using it strictly for shotgun shooting games.
  11. Im a bit of a cz fanboy so I wouldnt mind going a little over. Ill check out some reviews and YouTube videos on that after work today!
  12. Lots to learn I see! Yeah ill be keeping an eye out for the next shotgun meet up. I may have to hold off until purchasing until prices (hopefully) get back to something normal again.
  13. Im looking to maybe pick up a shotgun for shooting clays. I'd like a place to start. Talking to a few guys at the range they said semi auto or over under. I have a few questions, Do all shotguns take those short shells? Ammo would be 7# to 8.5 # correct? What shotguns should i look at? Budget for gun would be around 700. Can all shotguns shoot slugs as well as birdshot with no problem?
  14. I was thinking doggecoin instead. Im lucky to have no high interest debt. Paid off my school loans earlier this year and have a mortgage on the horizon.
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