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  1. I came to the forum to ask the same thing. I'm about to sell alot and keep some cash ready for some buys later on.
  2. My buddy told me it's actually harder because the inventory is low, so you're not listing as many houses as normal and your clients are not always the one winning the buying bids either.
  3. I understand this all too well. My dad was laid off around the time of the pandemic and became a bleeding heart liberal. All while they were killing the restaurant industry (I was a chef) and fighting cops (my brother is a cop). Needless to say we don't get along. I learned to just not bring it up at get togethers and if he does I politely say "this will lead to a fight, change the subject. " As far as nj is concerned my fiance is here for her family but she's slowly seeing the light about leaving.
  4. Cheflife15


    When it comes to crypto, ethereaum, bitcoin, and light coin are like the blue chip stocks. Doge coin is a little more risky but has more upside. I have my money in bitcoin and ethereum. As with anything, invest what you're willing to lose. Right now crypto has been hot ,who knows how long that lasts.
  5. Cheflife15


    I bought in there. I'm convinced crypto is here to stay
  6. If you Google "pistols most often used in competitions" it's generally cz shadow and variants, followed by the glock 34. If I was choosing between those two I'd pick the glock. It's easier to find aftermarket parts for and has cheaper magazines. It's also proven in competition and you knowing the platform cuts down on any adjustments.
  7. I wish I was as happy with mine. Mine is super finicky with the magazines. It needs to be sighted almost weekly since the plastic below the barrel is slightly off, it pushes the sights. I also can't remove the front sight because the thread is pinned. I wish I just went with the Ruger or Beretta instead.
  8. Yeah I'm hoping it keeps running. I'm up 89 percent at the moment. I'm in pretty low so I'll ride it out , collect my initial investment and let the rest ride.
  9. I'm up 50 percent on hood today after pre market. I think it has plenty of room to grow still.
  10. I bought a few shares on the dip. It has plenty of room to grow from the 35 i bought in at.
  11. Curious if anyone here has one of these? Originally I was going to purchase a glock and upgrade it but this seems to have already done that. If anyone has one id love to hear about it or better yet try it before purchasing it. Thank you.
  12. My two best friends are realtors and are predicting this will last for another year or two just off the supply and demand issue here with those moving out of the city. My parents house (which needs about 70 k in work) still sold 60 thousand over listing price. Im hoping the market does crash sooner though as im in the market for a house so im hopefully you're right.
  13. Yeah im not too worried avout letting them know i have guns in the house, was just curious about the storage for legal reason during walk through. Ultimately i put a cable lock on the carbine and hid it in the attic, and i have all my pistols in safes and in taped boxes. Ammo is also in a taped box. Should be good to go right?
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