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  1. I would be in for a meet up. I'd love a Sunday range day.
  2. I have no problems upgrading certain parts. It's more the size and dimensions of the gun that draw me to it.
  3. Interesting feedback. Pmd
  4. That's a pretty brutal review lol. My accuracy point is in terms of at distance compared to a daniel defense. The only info I have on this gun is what others wrote about it. @Displaced Texantrigger comment could be a huge reason for less than ideal accuracy. I always thought when reviewers discuss accuracy they would use a bench rest, thus taking the human error out of the equation but that probably isn't the case.
  5. The reviews I've watched on the tavor and hellion have stated they're not as accurate. As far as the spinal surgery part, I find holding bullpups to be less taxing on my back. The Daniel defense i have is only .5 lbs heavier then my beretta cx4. It feels significantly heavier. I also have an easier time holding the Beretta closer to the body without extending my support hand further, thus taking some pressure off as well. Shorter barrel was the wrong term where I meant shorter guns in general. Can I ask what you didn't like about the tavor?
  6. I recently purchased a Daniel defense ddm4 v7. It’s accurate and aesthetic. However I think because of my spinal surgery, I prefer Bullpup style guns. I like shorter barrel, easy to hold guns. I’m debating selling or trading for a Springfield hellion or an iwi tavor x95. Is there any disadvantage to a Bullpup that i will lose by switching? I don’t really see myself ever shooting past 100 yards.
  7. The more I read the more I'm open to 2 stage. I'll look into this. It seems at close range single stage vs 2 stage is negligible. Interesting, so hypothetically speaking, the hiperfire would be MORE reliable? Any negative side effects to a heavier hammer?
  8. There is no budget. What do you mean hits harder? Also trying to keep this trigger as reliable as possible
  9. What would you suggest? I would like all options on the table.
  10. Ammo and training are already in the budget. I'm here for a trigger. Let's not derail please.
  11. So I was looking at single stage triggers. I'm not quite sure I see the advantage in a 2 stage. Why would you pick that over a one stage?
  12. Looking for a single stage trigger. Would like something with a light clean break. I would like the pull weight between 3.5 to 4 lbs. I'm currently debating between these 2 but all recommendations are welcome. RISE Armament RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger Timney Triggers AR-15 Competition Trigger
  13. I understand the experiment. My point is, the psychological evaluation is done based on what they said. What other conclusion would they have come to? do you think psychologists have no basis to make proper diagnoses because if this study?
  14. Would you give someone a clean bill of health if they had told you they were hearing voices? It's literally what being schitzo in remission is.
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