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  1. I've been having a hard time finding prescription cat food.
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    Yup best idea. It's slowly moving in the right direction again. Hopefully it keeps some momentum.
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    I'm long in all of these. I really do think the metaverse will be huge (Even though I personally find it absurd) lol.
  4. Would ordering them be the problem though? Yeah they seem pretty awesome. I think it could be useful training at long distance
  5. I was just typing this out. Tracer rounds contain flammable materials that ignite and produce a bright (but deadly) trail of light towards a target This doesn't contain that? So hypothetically we should be good. Until you get some schmuck who arrests you for this.
  6. Is this the same as tracer rounds? Is this nj legal? https://www.targetsportsusa.com/ammo-inc-streak-visual-9mm-luger-ammo-124-grain-tmc-9124tmc-strk-red-200-p-112121.aspx Conceptually these seem awesome so I'm assuming it's not nj legal.
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    Nope. I took my initial investment out and I'm playing with profit. It dipped to 30k or so in June or July. I'm slowly buying more crypto. Alot of world's most influential billionaires are supporting it. I'll pick up the bread crumbs.
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    Seems like most of the "scams" involved rug pulls which is no different then a pump and dump in the stock market. If you invest in ridiculous coins you can almost expect that. Alot of people were chasing the next doge coin. As far as security goes, if you're using legitimate platforms your money is pretty well protected and in some cases insured Also the percentages are even expected. The increase in people that used or invested in crypto increased almost 200 percent.
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    This looks great. I'm certainly debating it. Would probably only do the slide of my handgun and just do the one I'll use for competitions. It won't make me shoot better but I'll look cooler while I miss.
  10. Cheflife15


    Anyone have their pistols cerakoted? Curious how the finish holds up if you actually run the gun a bit. Also wouldn't mind seeing some cool pistols so feel free to post pics.
  11. That's totally fair. I appreciate that. I didn't bring up the post to put you In a weird spot. I just thought we could continue to add to the thread, and if a great point was made I wouldn't add the rest come 2022. Thank you all for your input!
  12. No worries. I just wanted to use this as a thread for investing ideas. All ideas can be on the table and ultimately researched before making any decisions. It's totally cool, I just wanted to use this as a thread to discuss different possible investment ideas. Seeking the advice from a professional is a fair response as is your explanation. Thank you for your opinion regardless. I only brought it up because I thought maybe it could be added to a list of possible ideas. I'm content with my choice as it does exactly what I need it to do. It protects my principle while keeping up with inflation. I hope you all have a great new years!
  13. I used this board as a way to get options and then spoke to a friend of mine at morgan stanley. He agrees based on our situation that the bond is the wisest Care to at least explain your original post?
  14. So actually only I was able to sign up today. She needs to mail a form? Something about her information wasn't able to be verified. Google says this has happened before with the website so it looks like she'll only get to do the 10k next year. Definitely debating a financial advisor for her.
  15. I'm all set up. Me and the wifey put in 10 k each and we'll do the same tomorrow. Always nerve racking moving around money like that. I'm thinking of having her speak to a financial advisor as well. She has too much money losing money in her savings account.
  16. I'm a purchasing manager for a cosmetics company. Most chemicals to produce cosmetics have gone up 50 to 100 percent or are just completely unavailable. And as a former chef, I've never seen so many chef jobs.
  17. Yeah I saw that. I'm thinking it'll be about 18 months or so. Regardless, I'm comfortable knowing 7 percent for 15 months is better then a high yield savings account for 18 months. Thank you all!
  18. Any suggestions on a favorite website or broker to buy the bonds? Treasurydirect.gov has some pretty horrible reviews.
  19. This is something to look at too. We have plenty of money to buy a house and excellent credit. We were under the impression it might be better to wait since house prices are insane now and we can pay off a 30 year loan faster with the money we have saved. We can do probably 3 extra payments a year This is something to look at too. We have plenty of money to buy a house and excellent credit. We were under the impression it might be better to wait since house prices are insane now and we can pay off a 30 year loan faster with the money we have saved. We can do probably 3 extra payments a yea
  20. Yeah most of the sentiment here is my thought process. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I've made great returns in the market and up a part time job just to make some extra to invest. I might park some safe money in high yield money market and dollar cost average into the market some more.
  21. Curious if anyone has some ideas for some safer investments for a 2 year period. We have about 30 to 40 thousand that we can invest. Looking for something relatively safe as well probably combine it with some money in savings to purchase a home. My wife's financial advisor at her nursing job suggested a high yield savings at .5 percent which seems absurdly low. I've been doing well in the stock market but I'm debating putting more out of my investment account to find something a bit safer. Any and all advice is welcome and I'll continue to research after.
  22. I've found the best steaks are in independent restaurants. Il nido, 90 acres, and pluckemin inn top the list. I believe all 3 have dry age. I was also in charge of the dry aging program at 90 acres when i was the banquet chef there but I believe they outsource since I left.
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    Lever guns

    I love reading about other suggestions. Unfortunately money is a bit tight (as I switched careers and am recovering from spinal surgery) so around 900 is my limit. It's just gunna be a fun pinker, I don't have the funds to really collect any guns.
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