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  1. Same here. Works well and I take it travel on vacation etc
  2. In today’s world what would be the reason to carry a pistol in a holster that doesn’t cover and protect the trigger? Makes no sense to use a holster IWB or OWB without the trigger covered and protected. There is nothing lost with a holster that covers the trigger and plenty to lose with one that does not
  3. See paragraph 2 regarding consumption of alcohol
  4. I just completed my FL CCW application online. I’m going to call the sheriff’s office tomorrow to see if I can get fingerprinted down there since I’ll be there on Thursday
  5. I carry the Sig M11-A1 AIWB in a Vedder light tuck holster without issues. I’m able to drive with it that way without it being uncomfortable
  6. As far as I know the P320 ND’s were found to be an improper holster issue
  7. I carry one extra mag, however when in AC or Philly I’m thinking about carrying two
  8. Exactly, that’s why I said in my post I know LEO’s are not attorneys. No harm in getting their take on things though
  9. Watching it now. One can only hope…
  10. I read a comment from someone that was at a US Law Shield seminar with Nappen and he said keep the loaded magazine on you or in a separate area than the lock box. I found this on You Tube
  11. @Mr.Stu Never mind. Sorry for all the back and forth. I appreciate your help and input I just found this from Evan Nappen’s Podcast Episode 157. It really makes no sense to have to take the gun out of the holster and unload it to place it in a safe, when it’s much safer to place it in the safe while it’s in the holster but that’s NJ Evan Nappen 41:04 Now you cannot leave your handgun outside of your immediate possession or control within a parked vehicle. It has to be unloaded and contained in a closed and securely fastened case not visible from the outside. The same as if you’re going to end up in a prohibited place. If you’re in the parking area, you are allowed to put the handgun unloaded and contained in a closed and securely fastened case, gun box, unloaded in the trunk or storage area of the vehicle. You can store it in a lockbox out of plain view. Listen, the simple best way to handle all those situations is this. You’ve gone through all this to get your carry license, and you’ve gone through the training of the gun. Get the car gun safe. They’re less than 50 bucks. They have a cable that wraps around the base of the seat. Secure your handgun, unloaded, in the locking car gun safe. It’s now unloaded. Slide the little box under the seat after you’ve secured it locked in its container. That’s what responsible gun owners do. You don’t want your gun stolen. You want to make sure that you’re within the law. Come on, let’s just do the right thing here and secure your handgun in this manner. Not just in a closed and fastened case out of view but use the car gun safe. Really protect your gun, protect your gun rights, be responsible here. That’s my strong suggestion to do that.
  12. @Mr.Stu Thanks for the link. But where I’m confused because this looks like it’s from when we weren’t able to carry in a vehicle or am I reading this wrong?
  13. @Mr.Stu I’ve been looking like crazy trying to find the latest update. I tried researching the statute but so many versions come up dating back to the carry killer bill I can’t make sense of the changes and timeline. I found this from handgunlaw.us specific to parking at a sensitive place. I’m not sure if there were more changes after this. Over the last couple days I spoke with 3 different LEO’s I know from different towns, one of which is the department’s firearms instructor. I know LEO’s are not attorneys. All 3 agreed that the laws are all over the place, vague and confusing to make it difficult for us. They all said they would not nail a legal carrier for storing their pistol loaded in its holster that covers the trigger in a locked safe placed out of view, as this is the safest way to do it. However we know there’s a small percentage that would be happy to find any reason to nail us. It’s ridiculous to have us expose ourselves to the risk of an ND/AD to unload and store our pistol. One of them is going to reach out higher up the command ladder to find out for sure about this law. I’ll update when he gets back to me. It might be a couple weeks as he’s headed for vacation soon. In the meantime when I have time I’ll try to reach out to US Law Shield
  14. I keep it under the seat with a black towel covering it. I have a Jeep, but either way I’m not keen on walking to the back of the Jeep standing in the open, removing the holster to place in the safe
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