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  1. My point is we can discuss ideas without calling other people a-hole, listed above, that's your opinion and it's fine. I've been driving to work since this all started, being careful and respectful of other people. Still if I had to choose between the lockdown vs the risk of the virus I chose the later.
  2. I don't see anyone making statements refusing to wear masks. That being said, the usefulness of a mask has been broadly questioned, most people will continuously try to accommodate their mask while wearing it. And might do more harm than good. I've been going to whatever is left open, and I use my mask as required. We, as rational individuals, question the logic behind the multiple policies based on the data at hand. That is not making anyone to be an a-hole, critical thinking and the ability to question and ponder ideas is what makes USA what it is, in addition to the liberty and freedom. I might call an a-hole to an individual unable to engage in civil discourse and resorts to cheap insults when facts are not on their side.
  3. It doesn't hurt to try, signed and sharing to link to all my friends in ni
  4. Smokin .50 I recently joined this forum and I'm always checking out to see if any protest is being organized, and I definitely missed that one. Thank you for participating. I'm not in Facebook or any other social platform, I'm guessing this is being coordinated on social platform? How can I be aware of such activity? Brucin The way I see this, it comes a point where you have to evaluate the way we are conducting or life versus the risk. And all data points to this being very contagious, however mortality rate being low. God forbids death comes to a loved one, but at this point I'm willing to take that risk. If we all drive our cars at 5mph, we would probably have 0 death related to car accidents, but it's not viable for many reasons, same logic should apply to other risks.
  5. Agreed if parks and golf courses are being open I see no logical, legal or scientific explanation why you will keep outdoor ranges closed. I'm tired of this Corona BS
  6. Dang! I've only had the 10/22 for less than a year, I'll keep this in mind. I find that the process of moving the safety to the middle, specially when moving the barrel back to the stock, sometimes it's irritating. I've even considered making a channel, by cutting out some of the stock, or something just so I don't have to go over that process.
  7. I'm just wondering how you were cleaning the trigger group, usually I use g96 oil, let it be for a while, and then use compressed air to flush everything out. It works great, and I've never had an issue .Just wondering how you clean it that ended up "breaking it" And kudos for having it fixed!
  8. Thanks! I'm really anxious to try this rifle out. Can't wait for the lockdown to over
  9. Hello New member, and first post. I recently purchased a performance center TCR22. It has a Hogue Overmolded Thumbhole stock and its also threaded. I've been reading the forums for hours and seems to me that there is a general consensus that a Thumbhole stock is simply not defined by law in NJ In the same way, the pistol stock / grip is vaguely defined, and seems to me this it's intentionally vague. I purchase the gun at a local store, and I've seen also similar stocks on threaded Ruggers being sold in NJ. That being said I rather be safe than sorry. Should I change the stock to something more standard? I know this might be a question being asked to exhaustion by new shooters, but still I'll take the heat if I upset anyone by asking this.
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