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  1. Try http://SGAmmo.com they have 9mm wolf polyformance. Only problem is...it’s not made in USA.
  2. Yeah...I it’s crazy expensive...like when I got it the Winchester forged was 13cent and CCI was 20 cents. Never the less I need different job for getting that type of money
  3. Fortunately went to range in PA. They have full stock on ammo. I also stocked up when I bought this gun. I found some places they have 9 mm but cheapest I can find right now is 50 cents/ round. It’s freaking double or triple regular price!
  4. So here is my final story: applied for permit in 4/1. Reference checked out same week. Received background clearance 4/30. Received final approval 6/20. received printed permit in hand 7/1. NICS check began 7/6. NICS cleared 7/9. Finally 92x in hand straight to range put 200 rounds through...
  5. On separate note what’s general opinion about Sig Sauer 1911 scorpion 10mm? I am thinking just to get another one as I received two permit and I don’t want to go through this nightmare in near future at least not before I change the state of my residency...
  6. You are right! With governor orders fu..ing 3 days became 30 days...what a nightmare..
  7. Does anyone know what’s NICS delay. My FFL dropped application on Thursday. Still no response( as expected)...does NJ adhere 3 days federal rule? So can he hand me over the gun after three days of application and no NICS response?
  8. Indeed it’s by design but what exactly they want to design? Whatever it is I don’t think it is great implementation.
  9. Plus don’t they get NICS report before issuing the permit? So our excellent system is redundant and useless...what’s the point of wasting so much (tax) money just to fake the gun control?
  10. Total time for me is 93 days. 63 days after criminal background check...and looks like it’s still not over until FFL dealer gets final approval.
  11. alright so finally after all this wait, I got permit in hand! Awesome...Called my FFL dealer and he said they need to check with FBI criminal database and It would take 12 to 36 hours...is this true? I thought that shit done is online nowadays!
  12. Yeap...I got email from Trenton that it was printed and mailed to local police station on 6/19/2020...so hope that this week would be end of this saga!!! I really hope that system transfer to electronic system soon and everyone involved with it get relief! I am in IT and I can tell you that technically that is project of max 6 month to year but bureaucratically and politically it’s different issue!
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