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  1. Smith

    Sig P320 AXG Pro

    Any thoughts on P320 X-ten? Is it one of. Those polymer or real deal? Anyone know if it is available for republic of NJ?
  2. Are the reloading supply becoming available? Which press is good for starter? I liked Dillon 750 but not too sure!!!
  3. I see some place now price dropping down for at least 9mm and 10mm. I saw it was all the way up to $45 for 50 round...now it starts at $35 or so...by no means to what it was...however, Government just released the relief package ...how else big shots going to suck money from people...fu..ing 2x4 which was $2/$3 is double and triple now...everything is in shortage suddenly ... A naked dance of unethical and immorals of capitalism!!! If you take ethics and moral out from any society what else is expected!!!
  4. Personally I don’t think this talks are going to go anywhere ... this guys can’t move a dry leaf...
  5. I mean first there was China manufacturing excuse then came excessive buyer excuse them came raw material and now shipping delay!!!! Seriously I mean any thing but those devils who is chocking this line to get their profit!!!
  6. I don’t think vaccine has anything to do with this. This is few market players are fu..ing gun owners...as simple as that.
  7. I fully believed this since beginning of this however there are few passionate people, great mathematicians and market gurus, believe it’s either natural of created by Devils(obviously those f...ing stupid leftist)
  8. You are right ..May be...assume that you get one sedan( or more) full of intruders(4-5 or more) if all of them with weapon you are out numbered pretty soon unless you are using some sort of AR or something... if intruders are either less then 4 or not have weapon with everyone, psychologically most will start running after first bullet hits target. So, I agree in range we get annoyed to reload and I am not even suggesting that we need to have mags with three rounds only...but all I am saying is under normal self defense conditions you wouldn’t need lot more. Unless you know that intruders are very well trained. Which would be good stand-off! once again practical preparedness vs paranoia...two different things. Differentiate wants from needs.
  9. May be taking it too far in wrong direction. I am one of the biggest anti of anti gun activist. In my family between NJ and ohio we probably have all toys including AR. However, for home defense I don’t see this big point. I don’t think after use of three round of any type of bullet, you need any more. Assuming every else align.When I wrote comment it was about the paranoia of “need to be ready for anything” it’s kind of absolute statement.
  10. Yes. I agree with you for being ready. However, you tell me being ready for what scale operation? There are multiple scenarios... 1) Home intruders... 2) Feud with LEA (any one police, FBI...) 3) executive branch collapse and army rebels 4) Russian/Chinese/Iran army invade 5) alien invasion .... .... Anyone would be out numbered anything other than number one. If you are talking about one this is paranoid. Don’t need millions of round. If any other scenario millions of rounds are not helpful. so let’s say what do we want to be ready for?
  11. More importantly .. in this forum, how many people used any weapon in last 30 years for self defense in home? Yes we could say hypothetically and now sky is limit.
  12. I don’t believe those agencies would have any impact.
  13. I have two points...1) it is not as much price as US, in US it is at least 1.5 to 2 times more than this. 2) it is not as constricted supply as US. It is more freely available. So the theory of global crisis due to 5M new users and hoarding is little far fetched from reality. As I was saying we as American lives in alternate reality from rest of the World and our reality is more driven by media 24x7 BS’ing.
  14. I was talking to few of my international friends and here is what website of stores like brass pro looks like, in Canada, Europe...
  15. We will check the pulse in another couple of months...
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