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  1. Is it wrong that I got slightly aroused with today's score?
  2. Real 10mm, pre-panic, was a solid $.60-.75 cents per round. Most manufacturers selling "10mm" are selling .40 S&W in a 10mm case. We see the same with .357 Sig- it is mostly 9mm +P velocity.
  3. You need to get some chicken thighs, coat them with Old Bay and grill them. Steam your corn, coat with butter and slap on the Old Bay. Someone told me you can use it on shrimp too, but I'm not buying that one. (I'm a fat kid at heart and my belly)
  4. As a Baltimoron, I don't get the fascination with their crab fries. They are crinkle cut fries with Old Bay. Hell, I have put Old Bay on German Chocolate Cake. On a serious note, try Old Bay on grilled chicken and corn on the cob. Seriously.
  5. Much obliged. My wife has lots of family in the Bordentown area, and I have plenty of supplies to barter when I'm next in NJ. I won't ship any Hazmat stuff, but am sitting on quite a bit of stuff (low on SPP)
  6. The projectiles serve different purposes. The M855 was designed to penetrate a UN blue helmet (my spin) at 600 meters. The M193 was designed to cause a lot of damage to soft tissue.
  7. I recently got back from Ocracoke NC. Shelves at a rural Walmart (near Rocky Mount NC) were fully stocked. They had 10+ pump guns in the case and plenty of "non scary" ammo. Here in the Baltimore/DC metro area, everything is cleaned out. I'm pretty sure I mentioned in this thread that 6-8 months ago, I never would have fathomed the need to reload 9mm and .223, as I could buy cases for $10-$20 more than rolling my own. Now I can't even find Lee dies in 9mm Luger.
  8. Yeah, no shit. I am sitting on a solid 5yr supply of .223 and 5.56. I would happily sell green tips for $500/1000 and Wolf Gold for $450/1000. I have (by Marylandistan standards) a metric shit ton of 9mm, but I shoot a solid 500rds each month. Hell, at a bad day at my club's "Outlaw Steel Challenge", I will go through 250rds in a few hours.
  9. During the 2013 panic, a LGS had 9mm for $13/box for 1-2 boxes. All purchases beyond 2 boxes were sold at $25/box. I really liked that business model.
  10. In our current availability and price situation, this is a pretty damn good deal. Sign up for the Buyer's Club 30 day free trial to get a reduced price and free shipping. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/winchester-nato-9mm-luger-124-grain-fmj-1000-rounds-with-ammo-can?a=2183341
  11. I can't remember the company- it was one of the dozens of websites with "80% lower", "80 percent lowers" "Best 80% lowers", etc. I DO have the specifics of when we found Polymer80 G19/G23/G32 for $75 shipped. (Mods please let me know if linking another gun forum is not cool) https://www.mdshooters.com/showthread.php?t=228882&highlight=polymer+sale
  12. In 2016, one could buy six 80% lowers for $150 delivered. On a good day, an Anderson completed lower is $40-$50. I like 80% lowers because the a-holes working in Analpolis (sic) are on a non stop run to ban everything they possibly can. They can't confiscate what they don't know exists and there isn't a 7 day wait to buy an 80%. FWIW- Marylandistan does have a database of everything purchased on a form 77r (MD's state version of a 4473)
  13. Nope. I keep them all "naked". (I have only built one into a rifle so far)
  14. Well, I'm now saving 9mm brass, which wasn't even a blip on my radar 6 months ago. If I get below 10k live rounds before the market opens back up, I will buy 9mm dies. If I get below 5k rounds I will actually start loading the round.
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