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  1. As posted last evening, we're dealing with the EXACT issue in Marylandistan... The MSP interprets a law and prosecutors base their case on the state police's interpretation rather than the actual law itself. Our issue, which I'm sure is similar in Jersey, is the prosecution has bottomless pockets.
  2. I live in Marylandistan, where we also have crazy gun "laws". I used "laws" in quotes because the MDSP like to interpret the laws outside the letter of the law. State Police are the enforcement branch; not the legislative branch. Legally, they can't interpret the law in a way that isn't consistent with the letter of the law- but they do anyway. If I ever hit Powerball, I will be willing to be the test case on one of these issues. Until then, I will continue bowing to the crown.
  3. OP here... He ended up buying a Glock 34 from Cheyenne because he wants HD and also wants to start doing "Outlaw Steel Challenge" (not official SC rules) at my club outside Baltimore. He couldn't buy a Benelli M4 Tactical because of the pistol grip, so he also got a Benelli Supernova Tactical. While he was waiting for the Glock, he was called back by Bob's Shooting Supplies (home FFL in Florence) because Bob got in a P320 X5 Legion. "Mr. Impulse Buy" said he would take it, so In ~25 days he will be able to start the paperwork on that one. I really liked the vibe I got from Monmouth on this forum, but he is surely swamped and didn't respond to emails fast enough for "Mr. Impulse Buy". On a happy note, our ranges opened back up last week, so I was able to hit my club and sight in my newly Bubba'ed M96 Swede. I also took out some pent up anger on a poor little piece of AR500 steel with a bunch of pistols: USPc, VP9, Polymer80 "G32", PPKs, S&W 64, Buckmark and Wrangler. Yeah, after 5 months of zero shooting, I'm rusty to say the least.
  4. I learned my lesson after the post Sandy Hook panic buy. I have slowly built up my stores of the "cheap" ammo I didn't reload. With what prices were for 9mm and .223/5.56, I didn't see a point in reloading them. A case of 1000 was going for close to what I could load them for myself. When Walmart stopped selling pistol and "scary rifle" ammo (I'm in Marylandistan) they knocked them down to stupid cheap prices. I loaded up with 10k+ rounds, much to my wife's chagrin. I load my own PRS rounds in 6.5CM and 6.5 Grendel as well as rounds that are far cheaper to roll my own- .357 Sig and 10mm, I'm talking to you. I find it crazy that I can load .357 Sig for $.02cpr more than 9mm. FWIW- I switched from Power Pistol to Longshot for the above pistol rounds and my wallet really thanked me.
  5. He was supposedly setting up appointments with Monmouth and Cheyenne. I told him to confirm whether he would be able to fondle inventory to determine what fit his hands best. I haven't heard back. Last evening he wanted to buy the X-Five Legion at Monmouth sight unseen, but he called and it was already sold. As the folks here understand, what fits my hand won't necessarily fit your hand. Polymer80 "Glocks" fit me great, but an actual Glock always draws 10-15 degrees low for me. They're great pistols, but their ergonomics don't mesh with my hands. I want him to fully experience this with his own hands before dumping $500-$1000 on his first pistol.
  6. I think Zeke should skip the surgery, dress in drag and focus on getting him really drunk. This might actually work. Zeke- I'm rooting for you. When a new member with the screen name "Filthy Porgy" finally signs up, you need to move quick.
  7. "also nobody does philately in joisey. You just can’t.." Oh, so youse doin local die lex now dere. Ise fluent in Bawlmerese hon. After dis corn teen is over maybe youse can come on down to Camden Yards and catch an Oreos game wit me.
  8. Thanks for the info. ~15yrs ago I did a short stint in Marlton building the filtration systems for a short lived aquarium store. I loved the snapper soup at The Marlton Diner and Jay's Elbow Room has the best clam strips I have ever had.
  9. Don't twist his arm too hard. Have you gotten the surgery yet?
  10. He will be joining. I got him hooked after he played with some of my toys in The Peoples Republik of Marylandistan. I'm a stamp collector- the ones that all look the same and all cost $200. Suppressed .300AAC subs brought him to the dark side.
  11. Well, he is a good looking guy with a good job. I'm not quite sure what your type is though. My advice is to get the surgery first and make sure he is good and drunk before making your move.
  12. My wife and family are all from Jersey. (She is from West Windsor- near Princeton) Her cousin (Bordentown) just got his FOID and hit me up. Being active on MDShooters, I knew you folks would be the logical ones to ask about which FFL's to hit up for his purchase. I mentioned in another thread that the vibes I got from Monmouth Guns was that of a FFL I would like to deal with. He is buying a Benelli M4 Tactical, but I was adamant that he needs to fondle multiple pistols to determine which one(s) fit him the best.
  13. Good to know. He randomly pulled them up, as they were local to him. In my first 30 minutes of perusing this forum, Monmouth Guns seemed like the type FFL I like dealing with. I will have him check them both out. Thanks
  14. Remixer/Monmouth Arms just got my attention in the sticker shock thread.
  15. Hey guys & gals, I just did an intro post and have a question for the informed masses... My wife (from West Windsor) has a cousin in Bordentown who just got his FOID. He reached out to me about what pistol to buy and I responded that he really should fondle a bunch and choose what he thinks fits best. I named the: VP9, G19 and CZ75 by name, but was emphatic about what fits him the best. I am here because the best way to find a good FFL is to ask the locals who are active in the shooting sports community. What shops do you folks recommend within a reasonable distance of Bordentown? Thanks in advance, Kyle/Squaregrouper
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