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  1. I moonlight at a gun shop outside of Baltimore. Last Friday (1/8/2021) the permit numbers were at 39xx for handguns. That means almost 4000 pistols were sold in Marylandistan in the first week of 2021. We need a Handgun Qualification License/HQL to even apply to buy a pistol. It involves: a 4hr class, fingerprints, background check, ~$250 out of pocket and a month before we can apply for a purchase permit. We have another 7 day wait after that. A solid 75% of buyers are getting their first handgun.
  2. Thanks. That was my original question. He has them and they are staying in his PA house.
  3. I work PT at a gun shop in Marylandistan. We're doing the same thing. Buying at "Ammoseek low price" in bulk and marking up the ammo by $2-$3 per box after shipping is factored in. The amount of foot traffic we have simply because we have ammo in stock is crazy. Oddly enough, the customer base fully understands that $40/50 for target 9mm is currently reasonable because they know they can come to us and actually put their hands on it. People are sick of going to Bass Pro for the 1 in 20 chance they can actually find a box for $18. . ETA- .357 Sig, 10mm and .45ACP are currently retailing for the same, if not slightly lower than 9mm in suburban Baltimore.
  4. Thanks for clarifying. They are currently in my possession. I will hold off and give them to him at his Poconos house over New Years. FWIW- I live in Marylandistan and we have our fair share of nonsensical gun laws as well.
  5. It is my understanding that Hornady Critical Defense is legal because the hollow point is filled in. Does the same go for Speer G2? The hollow point is filled in with an elastomer, so it technically isn't a hollow point. Logic says it should be treated the same as a Critical Defense round. I want to gift a box to a NJ relative, but don't want to run afoul of NJ laws.
  6. You and I think exactly the same on this. I may have even posted it on this forum. Newbies, who are friends, get my ammo at pre-panic prices. Anyone who owned firearms during the post-Sandy Hook shortage should have known better and get zero sympathy from me.
  7. To each his own. At my income level/net worth, being able to quickly put almost $5000 in my pocket was a game changer. My 5.56 rifles are for plinking steel out to 200yds. If I'm getting 1.5 MOA out of them I'm happy. I stay well below max, so even an accidental 0.5gr powder throw difference isn't a game changer. 5.56 isn't even in my top 5 choices for PRS. I load my 6.5's (CM, Grendels and Swede) on a single stage with a trickler because I take them out to 1000yds plus. (Grendels get tricky after 800yds) Just my 2 cents...
  8. I sold a ton of ammo last week. A year ago I was paying $180/1000 for target 9mm. I am selling it for $500/1000 and in today's world, my price is significantly lower than anything on Ammoseek. This way I made a hefty profit and did it with a clean conscience. All in, I sold thousands of: 9mm, .223, .357 Sig, .45ACP, and .38 Special. Everything I sold, I have components in hand to reload. (I kept 2000 each of 9mm and .223/5.56 and a couple hundred of the others) In my opinion, NOW is the time to sell if you're a reloader with components in stock. As I have stated previously, I have no sympathy for anyone who owned a gun in 2013 and didn't slowly stock up between 2015 and 2019. I will take care of new shooters who I'm close to, but not long time gun owners.
  9. I got my monthly allotment of 2000rds, so I thought I would share. Randomly click on the link throughout the day and you'll eventually get lucky. I HIGHLY recommend pre-registering and adding your cc info in advance. The stuff goes fast when it comes in stock.
  10. Since I'm starting to actually like you guys and gals, I will let you in on a little secret... These pop up as available throughout the day and are available for an average of 4-5 minutes before they sell out. Free shipping for orders over $100. (In stock when I posted this) https://www.sigsauer.com/store/9mm-115gr-elite-ball-fmj.html
  11. For new reloaders, I am a HUGE proponent of single stage presses. With a single stage you're only focusing on one thing at a time. When you get to the point where single stage reloading is downright boring, you should consider a turret or progressive. I still use my single stage for match grade 6.5 Creedmoor loads.
  12. Primers are a really tough purchase right now. For the rest of your reloading needs, Shyda's Outdoor Center in Lebanon PA (20 minutes east of Hersheypark) is a slice of reloading heaven.
  13. I'm who initially questioned the reloading price for .223... A year ago, it made zero sense to me to reload .223 or 9mm, as the case prices for live ammo wasn't much more than reloading. In 2019 my costs were roughly as follows: 1k live .223 was $275. Reloading 1k .223 was $220/1k + 5hrs of time 1k live 9mm was $180. Reloading 1k 9mm was $135 + 4hrs of time With the current prices of live ammo, reloading the above calibers is something I'm now doing. I wasn't trying to start trouble, but 16cpr to 22cpr is a huge % difference. I was wondering how he was doing it for so cheap. FWIW, the primers and powders have been in my man cave for several years, as I load .300AAC, 6.5 Grendel and .357 Sig. The only thing I have to buy is projectiles and they aren't too far off from what they used to be.
  14. I have been reloading for a while (9mm and .223 are new reloads to me), so I understand the optics of reloading. I don't understand how you're loading .223 @ 17cpr. I have: dies, brass, primers, H335, AR Comp, RL15 and 8208XBR- all bought pre panic. For pills, I'm looking at $100/1000 for basic 62gr Hornady. Here is my math... 7000gr = $25, 25gr/7000 = 280 charges per pound. So for easy math, powder is $90/1000 (pre panic) Primers are $30/1000 (pre panic) Pills are $100/1000 Reloading equipment, brass and labor are free. I'm still coming up with 22cpr to load .223 Rem. Are you sitting on a ton of pre-panic pills that were 5 cents or less each? The reason I ask is because I did the math a year ago and decided reloading for $220/1000 wasn't worth it when I could buy factory new for $275/1000 (same reason with 9mm) Conversely, loading: Krag, .303 Savage, .357 Sig and 10mm were no brainers due to the cost savings. 6.5 CM and Grendel are handloaded on a single stage for precision.
  15. I feel no sadness for gun owners who need ammo and were already gun owners in 2013. We all knew the days of 9mm for $180/1000 and .223 for $275/1000 were temporary. I DO have some sympathy for new shooters. If they're close to me, we can spend some range time from my stash.
  16. I ordered an el-cheapo brake for him that clearly isn't a flash hider. I have a bunch of guys willing to pin and weld it for me for free on my "local gun forum". (I have raised a lot of pro 2A hell in front of our politicians in Analpolis (sic), so I have many allies in Marylandistan)
  17. What I learned from another thread on this forum is that an A2 flash hider is clearly a no go, but to also be aware of open ended brakes or compensators. Brakes shouldn't have a exit much wider than the diameter of the projectile. Correct?
  18. Ahhhhh. Glad you responded. I didn't even THINK about the bayonet lug. Our craziest law is an AR15 in .223 or 5.56 has to be an HBAR. HBAR's can be sold with a simple 4473. Non HBAR profile barrels received after 9/30/2013 can get you 5 years in prison. There is no definition of an HBAR in the law, only that it has to be advertised as "heavy" by the manufacturer. This law doesn't apply to any other caliber. Thanks for the info.
  19. Another question... What fixed stocks do you guys prefer? My only fixed AR stock is a A2 on my Grendel.
  20. I live in Marylandistan, where we have our own illogical laws and am helping my wife's cousin in Bordentown. I don't want to run afoul of NJ laws in helping him with the build. He bought a stripped lower and LPK. I will be helping him install it with a LaRue MBT trigger. I had him ask the FFL if it was legal to install an M4 upper and the FFL told him yes. My research (here and elsewhere) says the flash hider needs to be removed or be permanently attached. As I understand it, the threaded barrel itself is not illegal. I can have the flash hider high temp brazed before giving it to him. Is this NJ compliant? (This is the rule the ATF uses to legally attach a brake to a 14.5" barrel and not be a SBR.) The flash hider is not threaded to have a suppressor fit over it. Collapsing stocks are also illegal if he already has a pistol grip and detachable magazine, correct? Please advise, Kyle in Bodymore Murderland
  21. Is it wrong that I got slightly aroused with today's score?
  22. Real 10mm, pre-panic, was a solid $.60-.75 cents per round. Most manufacturers selling "10mm" are selling .40 S&W in a 10mm case. We see the same with .357 Sig- it is mostly 9mm +P velocity.
  23. You need to get some chicken thighs, coat them with Old Bay and grill them. Steam your corn, coat with butter and slap on the Old Bay. Someone told me you can use it on shrimp too, but I'm not buying that one. (I'm a fat kid at heart and my belly)
  24. As a Baltimoron, I don't get the fascination with their crab fries. They are crinkle cut fries with Old Bay. Hell, I have put Old Bay on German Chocolate Cake. On a serious note, try Old Bay on grilled chicken and corn on the cob. Seriously.
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