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  1. Absolutely agree that I was very fortunate. Surprised and shocked. I didn’t think it was going to be popular And I’m sorry for what some have gone through waiting for six an eight months. I’m very fortunate that I was just one that slipped through and if it helps in any way or provides any insight, that was my intent.
  2. I applied on 5/3/2020. References were complete on 5/4. Prints done in Mannington on 5/7. My first FID and 2 purchase permits were completed on 5/12 and picked up on 5/13. Harrison Twp PD. was great. Nothing unusual and no runaround. Great communication and I appreciated their professionalism. They told me others have been waiting since March, but my background check came back before their s and from what I read here, in record time.
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