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  1. Hey I just started reloading and unfortunately I never collected any of my brass. So here I am trying to build up my brass collection. Let me know if you want to offload some of your brass to me. Let me know how much you want. Thanks!
  2. I am in Union. Don't mind checking some of this stuff out, as I am trying to get into reloading and need stuff.
  3. Interesting. I just had sent a pistol to Ruger in August for a warranty repair via FedEx. No issues at the Hub.
  4. zpap is not AKM pattern, and the wasr is. just matter of preference i suppose. price has come down a bit. classic has a paratrooper wasr for 899ish.
  5. Lol really? The guy who sold me actual ammo there said it was such a pain to manually log FID# and ammo in their book.
  6. Here's their weather cam! https://www.microseven.com/tv/lv/VlQ45NZRtVk/range.html
  7. ah kinda far thanks for replying =)
  8. share the love! i have a couple of Pistol Permits to burn.
  9. Isn't Kalashnikov USA supposed to be releasing an AK Variant that you can separate upper/lower like an AR15
  10. oof those new Peloton bikes. Not only are they expensive but you also have to pay for a subscription to watch videos of trainers or scenery to bike to.
  11. Was able to find a Taurus M66 4inch 357 Magnum 7 Shot. Price is not bad and didn't want to spend close to 1k.
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