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  1. u still haven't sold these stuff Fred?
  2. scored 5k of CCI #450s from powdervalley earlier today for $410~ shipped/hazmat. also got 400s last week for the same price. if you setup alerts from shootingbot.com you have a fair chance of copping some for a good price. if you don't want to play the pop up game, just get em from targetsports or the murom/ginex from everywhere else.
  3. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/small-pistol-c-2807.aspx knock yourself out. overpriced. but if u need it heres a whole bunch,
  4. Ryu


    I had pin/weld done last week on a Tuesday. He was there. He didn't really seem like doing any small talk. I find just showing up during business hours work for me vs calling/email.
  5. they have SPP now https://www.brownells.com/reloading/primers/pistol-primers/pistol-primers-prod79081.aspx
  6. u know its on brownells right now?
  7. why dont you just gently deprime the primers and reuse.
  8. Some guntuber run one through a torture test and it fell apart after 500 or so rounds. edit: link added Torture Test
  9. Hey I just started reloading and unfortunately I never collected any of my brass. So here I am trying to build up my brass collection. Let me know if you want to offload some of your brass to me. Let me know how much you want. Thanks!
  10. I am in Union. Don't mind checking some of this stuff out, as I am trying to get into reloading and need stuff.
  11. Interesting. I just had sent a pistol to Ruger in August for a warranty repair via FedEx. No issues at the Hub.
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