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  1. nothing wrong with them. good place to get affordable milspec parts for quick cheap shipping.
  2. what rifle was it? was it the SKSs? they changed the description to no NJ resident after I inquired if they had a fixed mag.
  3. My eyesight is worse than yours. -6.0 left and -9.5 right plus astigmatism. I can hit no problem with a red dot + 3x magnifier at 50 yards. Not so precise at 100 yards. I went with a couple of Vortex scopes 6-24x and I see 100 yards great and possible 200 yards is doable.
  4. kygunco has kimbers on sale
  5. nice. is that the double star fixed stock?
  6. I had a sprinkler system involved four zones 3 years ago and paid $2000 for the whole system....
  7. Well I didn't see a bald dude wearing a NJ2AS hat today. Not too many people at the 100 yard range. Pistol range was closed due to the Precision Pistol League.
  8. Welcome to CR! You are gonna love it! Outdoors (although its getting colder now)! Weekends has been random. Last Saturday was relatively empty with about 10 ports closed at the 100 yard range for a close. They usually close 5 ports (one port in between due to social distancing for a total of 10) or so for whatever classes. So you should be fine at the shotgun target range. I'll be there tomorrow too, but I will mainly be at the 100 yard range. Maybe I'll see you there tomorrow. *1776# just in case you forget.
  9. Ryu

    WESHOOT Fees

    I use the Real Avid Master Armorer's tool kit. its pricey at $250 but drops down to $199 occassionally. Trust me after you build one, it won't be the last and it will be good investment in the long run. My first build was with a regular hammer and cheap punch pin set from Harbor Freight.
  10. Ryu

    WESHOOT Fees

    magnets are your friend.
  11. Ryu

    WESHOOT Fees

    Pretty much they all sell stripped lowers. Its really not that hard to build an upper and lower receiver. It took my 5th lower to build out of memory instead of watching youtube.
  12. Ryu

    WESHOOT Fees

    Aero restocks daily even their blems. I just hate that they take up to two weeks to ship right now. Also I was perusing Reloaderz website and they said they no longer accept Aero transfers because they sell them.
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