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  1. 10% off OpticsPlanet - J3AR198779FC7
  2. It depends I suppose. If your handguard has no clearance you won't be able to remove it over the muzzle device. You probably cannot get the gas block over the muzzle device either. Also the barrel nut. Yeah so you have to unpin just to change anything.
  3. Ryu


    First black accord with intact clear coat. Glws!
  4. just picked up today. nics was filed july 4th.
  5. Yes some dude at Cherry Ridge said he has to dig out the targets at the rimfire range during the winter. I think I will end up signing up with Reloaderz, but RTSP is so close to my house.
  6. No wait time at Cherry Ridge today. Best membership I've ever gotten! I did stop by Reloaderz to check them out. So much friendlier versus RTSP. Place is smaller than RTSP Union. There were people shooting, and no one from what I saw really had to wait their turn. I liked them so much they sold me a lower.
  7. thanks! looks awesome.
  8. JT what muzzle device is that. Fake silencer?
  9. Not quite sure about this. I did find that their policy links to the bassproshop website policy and same for their customer service. i have been able to purchase and receive some ammo last week from cabelas, while i can't order at all from bassproshop.
  10. Does this mean after taking this course, I can carry in the other 29 states with a NJ FID?
  11. The brace is actually more like a shark fin. Not quite easy to shoulder and is really more like a brace. I thought the question is now towards the SBA/SBM type pistol braces that are substantial enough to be shoulder. Will give this a shot. Gonna head to the range tomorrow and mess with it.
  12. My FFL automatically put mine down as an "Other." I suppose you might have to tell other FFLs to do the same.
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