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  1. Thanks guys. Does anyone know if the KVP standard linear comp is long enough to make a 14.5" barrel a legal 16"? Or if I go KVP do I need to go magnum 3.25" (the obvious "safe" answer). The standard KVP is 2 1/8". Doing the math and assuming .625" subtracted for the threading, that puts it right at 16". Pushing it pretty close it seems. https://www.kawvalleyprecision.com/KVP-Linear-Compensator-p/kvp-linear-blk.htm Just wondering if anyone's built a rifle with this one and measured.
  2. @Zeke & @fishnut Thanks guys, do you mind posting a link to the BCM and SureFires you used? @JT Custom Guns I've seen you referenced on here multiple times for quality gunsmithing. I may have a job for you soon! I have a barrel on order, just need to decide what to weld to the end and order that too.
  3. Thanks. I've looked at that one too. I've seen this setup too, which is getting pricey. https://www.tacticallink.com/griffin-armament-vg6-precision-cqb-blast-shield-kit.html Actually, this is the one I saw, which isn't nearly as hard on the wallet: https://www.wingtactical.com/firearm-parts/ar-15/muzzle-devices/vg6-cage-blast-diffuser-device-for-gamma-epsilon-muzzle-devices/
  4. I'm looking for suggestions on a NJ legal muzzle device that can be pinned and welded to a 14.5" barrel (1/2-28 TPI) to get to 16+ inches. I'm leaning towards a KVP or something along the lines of a linear comp vs. a brake. Let me know what you guys have experience with and recommend. Also, it is helpful if you know for sure it'll add the necessary length to reach 16 inches, but I appreciate any suggestions. I can always do math or hound the manufacturer to find out. Also, a second question I'm sure some of you here will be able to answer. I've seen some muzzle devices that are titanium. Can a typical gunsmith weld a titanium device to a steel barrel? I know very little about welding, but it seems like that might be more challenging if not something that can't be done easily. It is however something I might consider to keep the weight at the end of the muzzle down if it's an option.
  5. To Cabela's credit. I got a response from their customer service. To be honest, I can't blame a corporation for wanting to be sure they cover themselves legally. However, we'll have to wait and see if they actually put the effort into updating their website to accommodate processing ammo orders for states that require a permit to purchase ammo. Unless I'm completely wrong about this, and there is nothing legal to prevent a company out of state selling and shipping ammo to any NJ resident. I've ordered ammo myself from other sites that did allow me to upload from FID. Hello and thank you for contacting Cabela's Product Information Department, Right now we are working on a new website and ordering system and if you are on it there are some limitations. One of those limitations has to do with states that require licenses or permits to purchase ammo, Illinois and Connecticut are in the same situation. The new website and ordering system is not allowing that right now. I know it is being looked into I just do not have a time frame to give you on when or if they will be able to fix it or get it changed. We are in the business of selling outdoor gear so it isn't that we don't want to it is is that we cannot do correctly at this time. Have a great day. Thank you for visiting cabelas.com. Sincerely, Matt G Product Information
  6. Both. Better. Understandably this may be necessary to cover them legally. They are a large enough corporations with corporate attorneys. That's better than not fighting at all. This is one of the reasons I stated above, if I notice a vendor state anywhere that they won't ship to a "restricted" state I don't do business with them. I wish all American gun owners would behave that way, but a lot just see states like NJ as a lost cause and figure if you don't like it you can move. Which frankly, I understand the sentiment, but that's just not how life works. If you can't support your fellow Americans in exercising their rights l then I honestly have to question how American are you really. Hopefully others here will contact Cabela's stating their opinion (which I did), and as many people in restricted states as possible will boycott Cabela's. From their website: Ammunition is restricted from sale to CT, IL, MA, NJ, NY, New Orleans, LA, and Washington DC.
  7. They should drop that to $1,600 per person in one swoop. Buy each council member a Glock + a holster and 500 rounds of ammo + send them to a defensive pistol course. Now you're on your own. Done.
  8. I have an LTT + JM Custom Kydex holster. It ain't a perfect fit, but my Brig with the non-rail frame fits (sort of) if I loosen the retention screws. The holster holds it plenty secure and covers the trigger. I've wondered the same thing though. I suspect an M9 / 92FS holster (non-railed) fits the Brigadier slide okay, but I hadn't gotten around to ordering one yet. I looked a little, but haven't seen many holster makers giving you Brigadier slide as an option. I'd think it's fairly common since a lot of the WC 92's are Brigs. Let me know what you find out! That Brigadier is such a chunky little pig!
  9. That's unfortunate if this is true. I try to avoid buying anything from vendors that flat out state they will not sell or ship perfectly legal items to states with restrictions. Some vendors will state no CA and NY, but NJ is fine. I still skip those and move on to someone else. I find it appalling when a vendor that sells anything firearms related is willing to shoot the 2A community in the foot.
  10. My guess is somewhere on YouTube. That sling looks like something that would madden me... lol. But I'm not too opposed if you've already put the money out. I'd just run it as a two point and forget about the option for a single point. Sounds like a nice to have, but I can't see the need to switch between the two myself.
  11. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure any rifle coming into NJ must be NJ compliant. If it isn't compliant, you can still take possession from your father of it and bring it into NJ assuming you make the required changes to it to make it compliant (verify you don't have too many "evil" features, i.e. pin and weld a compliant muzzle break, pin the collapsible stock, remove bayonet lug, etc)... I forget the legality of family transfers across state lines, but I'm pretty sure it'll need to go through an FFL per federal guidelines. For what I anticipate to be a lite, reliable high quality AR I'd suggest the Brownell's WWSD complete rifle. You can pre-order now, and from what I understand they should start to ship in July - August. You'll just have to pin and weld a NJ compliant brake. I'm personally waiting on a couple of WWSD lowers for some new projects. https://www.brownells.com/guntech/wwsd2020/detail.htm?lid=17958 Laugh all you want about the polymer lower, but I'm going to give it a run! Ian and Karl at InRangeTV put their predecessors through the ringer a couple of years ago and were pretty happy. I've had this type of build on my radar for awhile. I think the rifle will check all the boxes for what you described, light, minimalistic, and hopefully reliable. I say "hopefully" reliable, only because Brownell's is putting them together, and some of their reproduction rifles have been reported to have a few issues. From what I've heard they do stand behind their products. I can't speak to that myself, but someone here may have personal experience.
  12. I did a NICS check last week on 6/17, came back on 6/19. Picked up my property before close of business 6/19.
  13. Oh, also, I will add that you really can't go wrong with any of the major brands, and even some of the "budget" brands seem to make fairly decent quality stuff. But definitely settling on any of the major manufacturers like Glock, Sig, Walther, H&K, Beretta, CZ, S&W or Ruger you hardly can go wrong. The biggest risk in reliability would be in a newer model from any manufacturer that hasn't been on the market as long and had a chance for all the kinks to be worked out. And to Pizza Bob's point, you can't go wrong with an S&W revolver. It is 1970 right?
  14. I'd also suggest a full size for your first gun, personally because they tend to be easier to learn to shoot with. And honestly, it isn't such a big deal to conceal a full size gun as people seem to make it out to be. I can conceal a full sized Beretta in a good holster without a problem. But, like others have said, conceal carry in NJ is not likely in the cards for most of us, so it makes even more sense for a full size pistol as a first. That said the Glock 19 or anything in the "C" (Compact) size range is a good balance between small enough to conceal easy, plus big enough to shoot as well as a full size pistol. I haven't held or fired one, but there's now a Glock 48 which is similar in profile to a G19, but slimmer I think. People use the Glock 19 as a solid reference point because they are so common, but there are a lot of pistols that are similar in size, weight and capacity (albeit your capacity in most 9mm pistols will be neutered in NJ).
  15. There isn't a restricted handgun list in NJ that I'm aware of at all, so any pistol under 50oz. should be legal here. That's assuming we are talking about your typical auto loader or revolver of course, and not something "scary" looking with banned features. The Masada does not fall into that category. Mag capacity may be an issue, but you could buy the pistol and find mags later (although that'll cost you more and you'll be with a non-functional pistol in the meantime). There's at least one Masada 10+1 on gunbroker.
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