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  1. Nope, I've always just like the expression on that dog face. Always been funny to me.
  2. Wendy's. Otherwise no deal.
  3. Whoa whoa whoa, can you at least buy me dinner and drinks first?
  4. Thought that went without saying!?!
  5. Hello folks. Part time lurker, figured I'd finally take the plunge and throw another vote in for Taylor Ham . Little background. Born and raised in the Caribbean where I got into shooting at age 12. Moved to NNJ (blame my parents) about 19 years ago. Got back into shooting sports about 3 years ago and definitely not going to let it go. Haven't done anyway matches, just truly enjoy slinging lead from time to time. Good to know NJ has such a supporting firearms community, because people look at you crazy when you talk firearms in NJ. Good to have somewhere to go.
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