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  1. Yea, like i said.. what ive heard.. if you have an suv.. it needs to be locked in a case. Its different from a car where the trunk is not connected to the inside of the car. Im wondering if a bag with zippers and putting a master lock on it or something qualifies for being locked in a case .. idk
  2. Oh okay.. so even though the trunk area is accessible from inside the car, it just needs to be secured?
  3. Hello, new owner of a handgun in NJ. Had a question for all of you experts out there! I keep seeing all these different things online so I have an suv so the trunk area is accessible to the back seat area. From my understanding, it needs to be locked in a case and its fine to be in the trunk of my suv? Also my other question.. the ammo.. that needs to be in a separate case? Does it need to have a lock on it or can it just be a bag with a zipper?
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