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  1. The conundrum is that with an on-property Disney vacation costing upwards of $10,000+, the people that actually enjoy and want to go to Disney can't afford it (so they wind up financing it through debt , and the people who can afford it are more likely to go to more exclusive destinations (eg. Caribbean) and skip Disney altogether. I think there will need to be a structural change in their business model or the lay off of thousands of people yesterday will be just the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Heritage Guild in Rahway has lots of good guns, reasonable prices, and usually has ammo.
  3. Good advice, definitely won't choke up on that scope! Don't want to be walking around looking like a racoon :) I am going to be getting red dot (Romeo 5 probably, affordable, reliable from what I've heard) for another gun and will try it on here and see how it works out. I see your point on the woods etc - I am going to be hunting up in NY State as well but the woods aren't too much different up there.
  4. That looks interesting will see if I can find a mount like that thanks
  5. Thanks I’ll check that out. Should be coming in this week, will see if it has pre-drilled holes
  6. After a long search found a Mossberg Field/Deer combo for hunting in NY and NJ with sabot slugs (using the rifled barrel) curious if anyone has recommendations for good mounts and scopes for this setup. The barrel has rifle sights but I’d prefer to have some sort of optic on this. I have a Bushell Dawn to Dusk on my 22 but not sure it can handle this shotgun setup. thanks
  7. I'm not a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt. If the en banc review is successful (from the 2A perspective), and if the SCOTUS doesn't hear the case it would absolutely apply to 9th district, however, precedent being what it is, there will likely be standing (although no guarantees) in all other districts to bring similar cases where applicable. These districts would be district 2,3 and 4: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia all have 10 round magazine capacity restrictions. Practically speaking, this most certainly would be taken up by SCOTUS if the 3rd circuit case that the ANJRPC is bringing is ruled unfavorable to ANJRPC. The SCOTUS traditionally would take up cases where there is conflict between districts. So it seems likely that if this makes it through en banc, one way or another this is headed to SCOTUS.
  8. If you have a large group to cook for and want to splurge a bit, try smoking a whole strip loin. They are about 9 to 12 lbs and holy crap they taste good. I use a hickory / oak / apple blend for the smoke, get it up to about 114 degrees and then sear it on all sides on the grill or if your smoker has a sear burner, even better. For a rub I use a Roman pepper style blend (Basil, rosemary, black pepper, plenty of salt, little bit of red pepper) Make some horseradish cream for the side (horseradish + salt + mayo) Have been told was the best steak people ever had, and they’ve had some great steak.
  9. Yes I agree. JT is super responsive. Also would endorse Heritage Guild.
  10. Yes I agree. JT is super responsive. Also would endorse Heritage Guild.
  11. Procedurally, from my understanding of the law, the way for this to apply in NJ would be for California to appeal, it goes to SCOTUS and they either Decline to hear it (meaning lower court stands and is Law of Land) or take the case and sides against California.
  12. Similar experience. Had an AR pinned etc and it wasn’t cheap. At the time though they were the only game in town. Tried getting in touch with Tier 1 Defense a bunch of times but he never responded. Seems like more smiths are available now vs peak COVID (April) when I had this work done
  13. Thanks. I found a company online that makes 20 rounders and sells them for about the same price as 10 round mags. https://stores.csspecs.com/savage-mk-ii-20rd/ I don’t think any other gun can take those mags. But might not be worth the trouble.
  14. Curious if anyone knows the answer to this. I have a Savage Mark II. As far as I can tell there is no semi-auto version of this, and the magazine for this gun only fits this series. Reading through several interpretations of the magazine limit laws in NJ, would imply that a 20rd magazine (which Savage makes) would be legal. is this just wishful thinking? Would love to get more capacity for my son who is learning to target shoot with this gun. thank you
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