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  1. picked up my glock 17 the other day IMG_4586.HEICIMG_4585.HEIC
  2. Ive been shooting a few different 9mm And I believe that’s what I’m going with. I’m locked in in a Glock 17 right. As everyone knows there aren’t many options out there right now everything! Is sold out or back ordered so. I like the Glock and it feels really good. And I feel confident with it. I’m not anywhere close to where I want to be but I’m not terrible neither. I have a lot to learn but at the same time I’m willing and continuesly research and reading up on things. So Glock 17 is on layaway and I will be grabbing it Tuesday when store opens
  3. i shot the sig p320 full size man i liked that gun too....
  4. thank you.....and ur not to far from me either maybe we can arrange
  5. appreciate it....so i went to the range today to try 3 guns out... the glock 17, cz 75 SP01 Tactical 9mm and m&p 9 i shot from 6yards mostly and 10yards i did like the glock i thought it felt really good, i would probably like to change the sights on it wasn't crazy about that but evrything else felt nice,,,, i also liked the CZ, that impressed me and it was pretty accurate, and felt really nice shooting... for some reason i wasnt crazy about the m&p, but i did like that too lol....they all felt good shooting i'd say its between the glock and the CZ i believe right now .....
  6. Yeah old bridge isn’t very close to me. I’m not buying right this second. Also I’m heading to her titans guild in Easton pa today to try a few guns out so we will see how that goes. And I’ll def try and get something going with the guy u mentioned. Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for response
  7. when i was a teen i shot a 9mm my uncles other then that no..... and to be honest no to all the other questions....im willing to learn and will to hear any and all advice...
  8. Thanks. Everyone for the feedback. I just put the money down for the Glock 17. as I stated before but the guy told me I can put it towards any other gun so I just reserved the Glock for now so no biggie. I will get out to Easton Pa and get a few and shoot
  9. Lol well considering that’s the only thing I can do right now other then drive out to Easton Pa to get on the range which I’m trying to do but working 6 days a week it’s hard to get out there right now.
  10. I got me fingerprints Scheduled pretty quick. I went back into the portal to see if I can reschedule and the dates they were offering were like 2 weeks later so I just kept my original date and after that I got my fid card in 2 weeks that will differ though.
  11. Probably not going to do much to it honestly. Just HD gun but if u have recommendations let me know
  12. I’d really like to shoot the Glock 17 before I purchase. Basically I feel like I want the like and like the way it feels in my hand so far. Obviously firing it can change everything or confirm everything. Also I just put money down on the Glock because I feel like that’s what I want and the guy said obviously guns are being sold at a high rate right now. So I just have that gun on hold but if I choose a different gun I can put whatever money I put down for the Glock towards whatever else I want. I’m looking for something really simple and reliable and I feel like what I’ve read and seen makes me think they are
  13. Hey All So I posted a few days again about buying my 1st gun. I still haven’t purchased one yet was trying to hold off and shoot a few different guns at a range. But I did walk into heritage guild in Rahway which I thought had a pretty good selection of handguns. For some reason or another my research or my feelings lead me to loving a Glock. Am I missing something? Like should I really love this gun as much as I do before even shooting it? Lol. So anyway I put money down on a Glock 17 gen 3 which would be my first handgun ever. It’s a new gen 3 because they obviously are selling everything out like many other stores and sites. Is this a good gun for a first timer? Any recommendations? I was being helped by Keith from heritage guild in Rahway.
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