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  1. The actual expungement may take a bit still. (Hoping by Dec./Jan.) There is a 4-8 week waiting period to receive a hearing date which started for me the other day when my lawyer filed the full petition package. This date is really just a court calendar marker and the hearing may be postponed. Once hearing occurs and I’m granted expungement, it only legally goes into effect once the Courts registers it which will take another 3-4 weeks after hearing date . My lawyer will not have any information during that time until official Expungement Order is delivered to their office. Then from my understanding, I will be legally expunged, able to retrieve my firearms license. After rereading lawyers emails, I found that my lawyer will then request NJSP and NICS records yo be updated and that the NJSP will confirm once BOTH systems have been updated. At least I will know when I can legally go purchase again with a clean NICS check. Hope this info helps. It’s been interesting to learn about
  2. Yeah if I recall correctly, the shop owner told me they are never allowed access to the reason why someone is denied, it’s up to the individual to find out.
  3. No they were just given denial notice and asked to notify me within 24 hours. I had to go sign paper which said I understand I was denied through NICS and they said they do not get informed as to why
  4. Also just to update, the lawyer I hired for expungement filed petition just the other day which is great news. Unfortunately, after I legally get expunged, it still may take up to SIX MONTHS for NICs to update my records before I’d be eligible to purchase again. So I will have my license back but then how in the world do I verify that NICs will pass me? If I try to purchase in 4 months but get denied again because background never updated, that certainly doesn’t look good... is there any way to check a NICs approval without actually purchasing?
  5. I filled the denial request form and mailed it in. No word for weeks until I got a call from local PD Chief who explained he just spoke with state police and told me everything including why i failed. The following week I received my formal NICS denial paperwork detailing what they found, etc. My phone calls were pointless. Kept getting same “ok we will take your info and call you back”
  6. Hey all, So what occurred was that my hometown Department should never have issued me a license in the first place. Seems like the Captain got a call from the State Department and requested I forfeit the card immediately. The Captain was apologetic about it and said he will hold license in his personal vault and once I get an expungement, he will reissue the same card without going through application again. I am now in the process of getting expungement but at the cost of $750, wish I knew upfront though as I would have cleared up years ago. thanks for all the concern and comments guys
  7. Hey guys thanks for advice and responses. Finally found the following information I guess I should have been more keen to spot this while filling our form... Didn’t see these notes when filling out form or maybe didn’t even think twice to check and that’s my fault Under the “See More” section of NICS form for 11c:..... “EXCEPTION: A person who has been convicted of a felony, or any other crime, for which the judge could have imprisoned the person for more than one year, or who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, is not prohibited from purchasing, receiving, or possessing a firearm if: (1) under the law of the jurisdiction where the conviction occurred, the person has been pardoned, the conviction has been expunged or set aside, or the person has had their civil rights (the right to vote, sit on a jury, and hold public office) taken away and later restored, AND (2) the person is not prohibited by the law of the jurisdiction where the conviction occurred from receiving or possessing firearms. Persons subject to this exception, or who receive relief from disabilities under 18 U.S.C. 925(c), should answer "no" to the applicable question.” I am certainly Covered by part (1) of exceptions but now unsure about part (2) so will go do my homework and reach out to a friend who’s an attorney. Thanks -RP
  8. Vladtepes, I appreciate the initial response. Agreed that I’m more concerned about accidentally(!) withholding information that could lead to serious penalty. In the moment, it didn’t cross my mind as I’ve been told in the past that my expungement would cover me from claiming criminal history on all background checks including governmental. I definitely learned my lesson very quickly from that incident and it changed my life for the better. stuff happens..
  9. Hey all, I have owned a NJ firearms purchaser ID for over two years and was recently denied my first shotgun purchase after my NICS failed. i have never purchased before because I was living in a private residential home which prohibited firearms due to housing several severely autistic individuals. I have however been previously approved for 2 permits to purchase but never used them. Why would the local PD/NJPD approve me for a firearms purchaser’s ID card and permits to purchase if my NICS would ultimately come back as denied? Wouldn’t they have access to same criminal history and just deny me up front if my history deemed me ineligible?? I ask because my history as a minor contains one rather serious second degree juvenile charge. This was later expunged and cleared after I completed a 6-months probation period and complied with all other court-ordered requirements. I have never had this past history cause an issue in employment and have had multiple background checks come back clean due to my involvement with autistic individuals (I do realize they are different types of background checks however) I recently submitted my denial inquiry to NICS and have not yet heard from either NICS or NJPD on why I was denied during my purchase, but am almost certain this was that issue. I didn’t realize when filling out the 4473 that question 11c would have even applied to my history as I do not remember if my possible sentence (over ten years ago) was a possible year in jail or if my expungement covered that since it had been cleared. I was told expungement is permanently removed from all database (naive to think it would still be accessibly to law enforcement groups) This is serious question because I do not want to reapply and come under suspicion for trying to purchase illegally Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. I feel embarrassed that this has occurred because I would not have tried to purchase if I had known I actually banned from possessing firearms due to past stupidity as a hormonal teen. I’ve certainly come a long way as an Individual and would hate to learn I really am banned. Thanks a lot, -RP
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