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  1. Well guys I'm not looking to shoot out with the max distance, or hit 1000 yards, but if I can invest in a good 22 to learn the fundamnetals of marksmanship, and with a good NJ legal barrel (w/o an FID) that's what I would order right now. A barrel and a trigger. The trigger is personal (i think something 5lb would be better for me as I'm a bigger guy and 2lb is very subtle a queeze) so it would be nice to know if any NJ LGS have them to try IN PERSON Kidd and Green Mountain seem like good brands, wonder if someone can suggest something that is NJ mail safe, because barrels seem kind of complicated (threaded no muzzleflash stopper) etc
  2. i've read around 300yards this is my first gun so im not sure i can eve nanswre your second question as i dont know the fatures i want. i do need to mount an optics
  3. Will read the thread you referenced but holy balls thankfully you told me about the threaded barrel Basically is there a <$300 barrel I could order that would scale well to long range shooting? That's what i want to order right now and just get my sights up and practice my c cup trigger finger on https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrels/ruger-10-22-replacement-barrel-prod25216.aspx?avad=263517_d1c017df9&aid=193421&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Itwine-_-Avantlink-_-Custom+Link&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_content=NA&utm_campaign=Itwine Or alternatively on their website
  4. Got my magpul stock got my magpul mounts and slings. very cool, getting these two alone helped me know my sling for my seed/prep day. glad i invested in those things interested in LR shooting and before i get my FID want to order 1)a bx trigger is my feeling but i'd like to try a few in person, but no shop in nj i know even carries the bx, i doubt they'd carry others for a 22 and 2) a nice barrel . Any suggestions for either one? I plan on ordering both online. I can order everything but the rreceiver withou an FID I also wanted to know, if I order to an FFL, for legality/safety (ie they turn back something i'm not suppose to have), would they hand me say a trigger or barrel with just my driver's license and no FID, like a LGS would?
  5. I bought a Magpul MS4 sling and a magpul stock (dont have my FID yet but went to a class in PA and LOVED it). Can somenoe teach me how to use a two point sling? This thing is CONFUSING . I dont think this magpul combo was smart for my FIRST build
  6. I plan on doing that, it's just interesting to learn the law. Taking the time to learn about NJ gun laws has really opened my eyes. They are doing this community wrong. A real injustice, and I mean it. Not a government for the people
  7. So let's say I install everything but the trigger group and receiver, I then get my FID, if I want to complete my gun how do I do it? Have the receiver shipped to the FFL. And then THEY put it together? Or can I? What's the difference to that with an 80% lower then, someone who is a gunsmith drills a hole to complete a receiver? But normal non manufacturing licensed people shouldn't do it? Basically I want to avoid being a manufacturer and its not clear what makes that distinction
  8. pretty cool anything to be aware of when buying/selling second hand? Same rules for us as for most dealers? Buy sell magpul stock or barrel, everything but the receiver okay between two parties? Where do certificates of x (forgot here) come into play?
  9. can i buy a trigger like the bx 22 without an FID? That is a good idea with the laser point Basically my dry firing would look like this pre FID: magpul stock+laser optic+bx 22 trigger. It would be money well spent as these are components for the 10 22 post FID?
  10. actually the source of confusion was whether the barrel came with the gun, whether it was serialized etc...this is JUST the rubber stock which is PERFECt. ordered So from what I understand other than buying the gun whole/receiver at an FFL you can pretty much, even without an FID, buy all the gun parts that make a gun in NJ What a bizarre state when it comes to gun laws. PA's statute is easily readable
  11. Also WHO is liable lets say if it is not legal, the vendor or me the reciver? How would that play out with my local PD (would they raid my house, knock on my door, have me come down to the station, feds)? I know it seems crazy to ask, but better safe than sorry I plan on ordering the magpul stock , can someone verify its good for NJ? https://www.amazon.com/Magpul-Hunter-Stock-Ruger-Olive/dp/B00YXZGNAO/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=magpul+stock+10+22&qid=1591463907&sr=8-4
  12. how about just ordering the magpul, can I to NJ? Is its pistol grip /takedown with other features considered a ban? I think this makes the most sense...as when I do get the FID and buy a 10 22 I would probably replace it anyways. Googlign doesn't show anything in stock in NJtho so I'd order over the intenret
  13. some say its illegal without an FID others say its allowed? What about optics, can I buy a ruger 10 22 airsoft and then buy a regular 10 22 optic for it? Would it be alarming to a gun store if i called and asked if they would sell me a 10 22 without the reciver or parts that make it an FID requirement? (cost effective for me in the long run)
  14. don't have an FID even yet but will get a loaner for the day of my question is , ibought a sling, what can I buy in store or easily online (i'm more reticent to order online as I live in Hudson County where the cops don't mind stepping out of bound) for the Ruger 10 22 I will be loaned (ie a Magpul stock) to practice 1) my sling setup and tension on 2) possibly aim or pulling back the slide on? 3) are rotating magazines going to work on auto loading and normal bolt action guns?
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