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  1. Boating is still much more expensive. Trust me.
  2. 6-8 inches in Aberdeen and the shit is heavy. Friendly reminder. When not using your snowblower for two years check for mice nests. Interesting fire on my snowblower late last night. Nothing a little electrical tape didn't fix.
  3. I'm in the same boat. We've come to the realization that nobody knows and it's not worth it. I can take possession through his will when the time comes.
  4. Well I went this morning. Very friendly staff, waivers on tablets take a few minutes, and purchased some targets. 37 bucks for two of us. We got there around 9am and plenty of lanes open. Shelf below lane to keep your bag. Controls are cool as you can set them to move to various distances and turn during a sequence. Even have flashing lights if you want them. RSO showed us how to use it but we just stuck with the 25yds and no sequence changes. First time time the wife ever fired a weapon. That with a retired NYPD father and uncle and a brother who’s a local LEO. I think I created a monster. 100 plus rounds of 223 later and it was all smiles. Iron sighs only as that’s how I learned. I was shocked how well she did once she got past the initial nervousness. Great first experience at Recoil.
  5. I know if just opened a few months ago but its only 20 minutes from my house. Anyone been there yet?
  6. Nothing as I we already live in NJ. The rest of the country will just get the same as we have. Then in four years, god willing it will change.
  7. Stumbled on here recently. I grew up hunting in NY with my old man but marriage and kids came roaring in so I have not been around firearms in almost two decades. Had the opportunity to get my old man and my 11YO son out to RTSP range before the craziness and boy did we have a blast. Looking forward to learning and getting the wife and the girls involved as well.
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