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  1. Thank you, that was some good info. Thank you
  2. I’m under the impression that real gun laws apply to pellet guns, which would mean transporting it in a car without an FID is illegal, also illegal to possess on NJ soil without FID. If I was somehow pulled over and searched and the gun was found I’d be in some doo doo or evening seen on my own property doing my pest control (squirrels) which is why I want the airgun mainly (and also for fun) I’d have an issue not being registered to own a firearm. That was my interpretation of the laws, may be wrong, but that’s how I understood it all. I also plan on buying a real weapon at some point with all this nonsense going on, but would like to learn how to use a real weapon before buying, so having the FID will be needed for the future as well for that. The NJ laws are ridiculous.
  3. My plan is to purchase online and ship to my parents house just over the river in PA. Once obtaining FID to pick up and drive back to NJ
  4. I am new to the gun world and in the process of being fingerprinted to get my firearm ID. Question comes as Ive seen different responses on pellet gun laws centered around suppressors on pellet guns. Have read they are illegal outright, also have read the are illegal unless manufactured that way with one on it. I have fallen in love with the Sig Sauer MCX that comes stock with a suppressor. I want to know if this is legal if I purchase as Im obviously not trying to be charged after purchasing this pellet gun if a cop finds me. Any help would be appreciated as I just need some clarification if anyone knows these laws better than I.
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