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  1. Is any of you even from Sayreville?? Is like a bunch of trolls screaming their brains to each other...
  2. Just as a FYI for everyone giving ideas here about how to pressure them to do faster work. There is only 1 person doing all the paperwork since February 2020, and this person only works 2-3 days per week, so no mather how much in a rush you get to be is not going to happen any faster... Also this person is super nice and attentive, my friend applied for 2 p2p and later realized that he only applied for 1, he contacted this person and had him straightened with the 2 p2p right away no hassles. I had 2 p2p. About to expire and contacted this person and told me to have them dropped at the PD she called me 6 days later to tell me that they were ready to pickup.
  3. Now that you mention it.. yes I got an email from state telling me that my permits were approved but not to head to the PD just yet, that they were to contact me to tell me what to do, next day they called me.
  4. You pay for the fid and p2p the moment you pick them up. cash. she will call you to set up an appointment. Some days will be before noon some days 1 to 5pm.... you can choose, bring face cover and ID.
  5. No, still paper ones, I think I applied for those like 2 days before they implememted the electronic ones.
  6. Well on a better note, I needed to have 2 p2p expiration date extended and I drop them last February 19th and got the new ones back today February 25th.
  7. When did you had the fingerprints done?
  8. First I got an email from the state stating that my application had been approved and that the PD will be contacting me soon. They called me next day to set up an appointment. Thats when you pay cash for the fid and the p2p as many as you got. Ill recommend that you apply for more permits to purchase the moment you get your FID it will take anything from 45 to another 90 days to get them.
  9. Hey thank you all for the tips, and yes I'll be using rifle slug and yes my shotgun have rifle sights, is this one... https://dickinsonarms.com/xx3-tacticalpumpaction
  10. Thank you all that chip in with replies, and those links basically all the info that I need is right there. Thank you guys!!
  11. Just reading the rules and regulations found this line... Rimfire and centerfire rifles are not legal to hunt deer. Im so confused now, i have a .22 rimfire and the .223 center fire but so I can hunt deer only with shotgun?
  12. Nice to know that, but so can I go hunting or not with my "other" firearm??
  13. Now that is an important piece of information, thank you again!!!
  14. Yes is a pump action 12G, thank you for the response, ill start working on the safety course and permits.
  15. Hey guys, I was talking with this guy about wanting to go hunting next year, and he told me that I may not be allowed to hint in NJ with a tactical (pistol grip) shotgun. Bringing the question here, is it or not allowed? Is there a list of prohibited guns to use for hunting? Thank you.
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