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  1. Hey thank you all for the tips, and yes I'll be using rifle slug and yes my shotgun have rifle sights, is this one... https://dickinsonarms.com/xx3-tacticalpumpaction
  2. Thank you all that chip in with replies, and those links basically all the info that I need is right there. Thank you guys!!
  3. Just reading the rules and regulations found this line... Rimfire and centerfire rifles are not legal to hunt deer. Im so confused now, i have a .22 rimfire and the .223 center fire but so I can hunt deer only with shotgun?
  4. Nice to know that, but so can I go hunting or not with my "other" firearm??
  5. Now that is an important piece of information, thank you again!!!
  6. Yes is a pump action 12G, thank you for the response, ill start working on the safety course and permits.
  7. Hey guys, I was talking with this guy about wanting to go hunting next year, and he told me that I may not be allowed to hint in NJ with a tactical (pistol grip) shotgun. Bringing the question here, is it or not allowed? Is there a list of prohibited guns to use for hunting? Thank you.
  8. Straight enough thank you guys and thank you so much dirtydigz for the link to download the form,
  9. Hey guys not sure if this is the place to ask about of questions that have probably been asked but couldn't anything using the forum search. There is this gun fair in PA coming this weekend I was thinking on going with the family for the shows and funs but in case and just in case I get to find the rifle I have been looking for s&w15-22, I want to know what are my options to buy it, will it need to be sent to an FFL from the store? I know there is no nics on long guns in PA, but can I buy it and bring it to NJ by myself or ffl is required?
  10. Applied for 3 new p2p 2 months ago... everything's been passed but still no word from PD. Where did you applied??
  11. Sweet, let me know where from I have been having a hard time finding the same rifle.
  12. Did you ever got to order the rifle? I was checking on the website and they are all sold out.
  13. Wow... good to know, thank you... even if I have my FID??
  14. Thank you all for your recommendations and wise words, I'll definitely rent some guns to test and try before committing to one.
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