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  1. Hopefully they still open on the 2nd. Governor Murphy just paused indoor dining so who knows at this point. Rtsp's website still says they are a go
  2. I waited until the 30 day mark, then emailed BPD and inquired on the status. Made sure I was clear that I was not complaining about the duration, didn't want to piss anyone off. Rob, who handles their permits was very responsive and worked it out for me. They seemed pretty easy to work with so if you think an employment check is holding you up, I'd email them and ask for a status check. When I got my permits they were signed by an active chief, so that may also be a bit of a challenge.
  3. Took about 2 months total, but I started the process right when they shut the nics down for a bit. The additional hold up with with employment verification, everyone was working from home so no one to in the office to get mail. Bridgewater is pretty good, they pushed it through for me given the current situation. Ultimately it took a little longer than I think it normally would have or should have...
  4. Just joined the forum today. Got my FID a few weeks ago and purchased my first firearm, a Sig P320 M17. This is a great site with a ton of info on it. Looking forward to getting into a new hobby... Besides my new interest, I'm into classic muscle cars, boats, and fishing. Figured I'd add guns to the list.
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