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  1. Looking for one of these as a companion for my 92fs... it gets lonely and wants to stick its mag in other firearms
  2. Mix of 475 rounds 1943 Turkish nickel jacketed on stripper clips in bandoliers and 255 rounds of Czech in 15 round loose boxes (730 rounds in total) Asking $400 $365 $325 for a FTF tansaction near Middlesex county. Also willing to trade for 9mm/.38/.357/.45/5.56/.308/.22WMR Thanks for looking!
  3. That's cool too! I think any way one chooses to let them know is fine as long as you let them know and just don't do a simple unsubscribe as I almost did.
  4. I just used their unsubscribe link from the last email I got. Scroll down and select 'Unsubscribe from All Emails' which brings you to another page you can select 'I've got another reason' to tell them why.
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